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Human Rights: Somalia (Type: All, Provider: All)

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Amnesty International - Human Rights in Somalia [English][Arabic][French].
Formalizing the Informal Economy: Somalia Refugee and Migrant Trade Networks in Nairobi [English]. 2005
This paper aims to contextualize urban refugees locally within the specific history and development of Nairobi and globally within the framework of economic globalization and transnational migration flows.
Framework Document for the Comprehensive Plan of Action for Somali Refugees [English]. 2005
Based on the concepts developed in the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) Convention Plus initiative, the Somali Comprehensive Plan of Action (CPA) represents a ‘road map’ for mobilizing international support and cooperation to address the situation of Somali refugees, returnees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).
Human Rights Watch: Somalia [English][Arabic][French].
International Freedom of Expression Exchange "IFEX" - Somalia [English].
The International Freedom of Expression Exchange works to promote and emphasize the importance of Freedom of Expression. This page on Somalia offers press releases, articles, reports and related sites discussing recent issues related to freedom of expression in Somalia.
Nomads, Sailors and Refugees. a Century of Somali Migration [English]. 2004
This working paper offers an outline of Somali migration in the 20th Century, primarily to the West. It argues that the overall geopolitical development from colonialism to the so-called new post cold war world order significantly has structured migration from the Somali region to the West.
Somalia: A Situation Analysis [English]. 2000
This paper describes and assesses the political and economic situation in Somalia. It provides a detailed analysis of the recently formed Government, its political influence and its economic and developmental implications on the various regions of Somalia.
Somalia: A Situation Analysis and Trend Assessment [English]. 2003
This paper describes and assesses the most significant political, developmental and human rights trends and changes in Somalia in recent years and provides a current situation analysis of the country as of mid-2003.
The Importance of Overseas Connections in the Livelihoods of Somali Refugees in the Dadaab Refugee Camps of Kenya [English]. 2003
This paper takes account of transnational migrants sending remittances, the potential and pitfalls of migrant remittances and the high investments in keeping connected the Somali diaspora.
U.S. Department of State - Country Reports on Human Rights Practices [English].
UN High Commissioner for Refugees - Real Time Evaluation Policy of UNHCR's IDP Operation in Somalia [English]. 2007
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