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Arab Election Law Compendium: Sudan [English].
This page offers articles derived from Sudan's electoral laws related to specific electoral issues such as legislative or parliamentary elections, political parties and nomination of candidates, registration of electors and voters eligibility and other election campaign issues.
Assessment of the Electoral Framework Final Report [English]. 2009
While there are serious challenges to holding elections in Sudan as planned in April 2010, it will be the last opportunity to bring some level of pluralism to the country ahead of the southern independence referendum foreseen for January 2011. However, to make the upcoming elections meaningful, the Government of Sudan needs to fully respect freedoms of expression, association and assembly in law and its implementation.
Handbook for Women Candidates in Sudan [English][Arabic]. 2010
A toolkit for election campaigning and public speaking developed for the Sudanese elections in April 2010.
Imagining the Election: A Look at What Citizens Know and Expect of Sudan’s 2010 Vote [English]. 2009
This report examines citizens’ understanding of and concerns about the national elections planned for 2010. The report also includes citizens' views on government performance, development, security, corruption, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, and related issues.
Imagining the Election: A Look at What Ctizens Know and Expect of Sudan's 2010 Vote [English]. 2009
This report explores public opinion in Southern Sudan and the Three Areas of Abyei, Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile. It is NDI’s tenth focus group study in Sudan since 2004. Based on 78 focus group discussions with 964 Sudanese participants, the report examines citizens’ understanding of and concerns about the national elections planned for 2010.
Sudan’s 2009 Elections: Critical Issue and Timelines [English]. 2007
Sudan’s elections, scheduled to take place by July 2009, are a major milestone of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Domestic and international institutions are already planning for the elections, although many legal and logistical issues must be resolved before they take place.
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