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Handbook for Women Candidates in Sudan [English][Arabic]. 2010
A toolkit for election campaigning and public speaking developed for the Sudanese elections in April 2010.
Participation of Sudanese Women in Political life [Arabic]. 2002
A working paper presented by Dr. Amenah Asadek Badri at the regional workshop on "Gender and democratic transformation in the Arab World", March 11-13, 2002. Regional Center for Human Security, Amman, Jordan.
Southern Sudan Local Governance in Complex Environments Project Assessment [English]. 2010
The findings presented in this report are the result of an assessment that was conducted by an independent consultant on two -Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund (DGTTF) - funded projects in Southern Sudan in 2005 and 2008. The report indicated that the national government faced major challenges to the improvement of governance at a national level, including a process of decentralization of government that would be sufficient to allow for community-led recovery with strong civil society participation. More equitable distribution of the national wealth and public resources would be required to enable state and local governments to fulfill their service delivery responsibilities, and provide better education, health care, water and sanitation access in underdeveloped regions
Stewards of Peace. The Role of Women and Youth in Post-Conflict Sudan: Report on a Series of Workshops with Sudanese Women and Youth [English]. 2005
This report covers the findings of the series of workshops facilitated by NDI that was designed to strengthen the capacity of Sudanese women and youth to play a full and active role in the future of their country. It focused on three areas: identifying and developing skills necessary to increase participation; providing a platform for cross-cultural dialogue; and creating an agenda for advocacy.
Sudan - Human Development and Millennium Development Goal [English]. 2003
The focus of the paper is basically to answer how far gender sensitive policies are operationalized in Sudan. The objective of the paper therefore, is to come up with policies frameworks to enhance women’s empowerment and gender quality at the national level.
Sudanese Women’s Priorities and Recommendations to the Oslo Donors’ Conference on Sudan [English]. 2005
This is the report of the conference on Sudan entitled “Sudanese Women’s Priorities and Recommendations to the Oslo Donors” that took place in Oslo on the 10th of April 2005. The objectives of the conference were to define the priorities of donors support for gender equality and women’s rights in post-conflict Sudan.
Towards Achieving the MDGs in Sudan: Centrality of Women's Leadership and Gender Equality [English]. 2005
This publication is an effort to show that the Sudanese women, in their diversity and in spirit of unity, are defining the critical development agenda for the country in the coming decade. It affirms, “Gender equality and the promotion and protection of the full enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, in particular for women and children, are essential to advance development, peace and security.”
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