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Human Rights: Syria (Type: All, Provider: All)

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Amnesty International - Human Rights in Syria [English][Arabic][French].
Amnesty International's Briefing to the Human Rights Committee on the Syrian Arab Republic [English]. 2001
In this report Amnesty International expresses its concern that the mechanisms which facilitate human rights violations, as provided for under the Emergency legislation, including the excessive powers given to the security forces, are still intact. Furthermore, the organization is concerned that thus far no step has been taken by the authorities to redress past and continuing human rights violations; there has been no investigation of “disappearances”, extra-judicial executions, or torture and ill-treatment, including deaths in custody.
Democracy and Human Rights in Syria [English]. 2002
This report, a collective work of 18 Syrian researchers, reviews the mechanisms the State is possessing and uses to reinforce its authority and describes the social foundation of the political and totalitarian system of Syria.
Elections and Human Rights - Report on the Syrian Legislative Elections 2007 [Arabic]. 2007
This is the report of the Damascus Center for Theoretical and Civil Rights Studies on the Syrian Legislative Elections held on 22 April 2007.
Human Rights Violations in Syria [English]. 2004
This report was prepared for the Committee for the Defense of Democratic Liberties and Human Rights in Syria (CDF) in order to assist it with the fight against the serious human rights abuses, which include the widespread use of torture and ill-treatment in detention, poor prison conditions, arbitrary arrests, prolonged detention without a trial, and unfair trials before exceptional jurisdictions.
Human Rights Watch: Syria [English][Arabic][French].
Making Children's Rights Work: Country Profile on Syria [English].
National End-of-Decade Report on Follow-Up of the World Declaration Issued at the Conclusion of the World Summit for Children [English]. 2000
This report examines the basic issues to which the Syrian Arab Republic directs special attention include those related to childhood, the provision of the necessary means for childcare, and meeting the needs of children.
State of Human Rights in Syria 2003 [Arabic]. 2003
Prepared by the Committee of Human Rights in Syria,
Syria: The Price of Dissent [English]. 1995
This report focuses on the state security court and the continuing trials of individuals accused of membership in unauthorized political groups. It also examines the practice of torture in Syria, and the continuing pressure on political prisoners after release.
Syria: The Silenced Kurds [English]. 1996
This report documents the situation of stateless Syrian-born Kurds -- 142,465 by the government's count, and well over 200,000 according to Kurdish sources -- who have been arbitrarily denied the right to Syrian nationality in violation of international law.
The Report on the Survey in Syria Of Children’s Literature and the Promotion of Reading among Children [English]. 2007
The Report is concerned with the presentation of the results of a survey regarding children’s literature and the promotion of reading in Syria.
U.S. Department of State - Country Reports on Human Rights Practices [English].
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