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Elections: Algeria (Type: All, Provider: All)

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Algerian Elections…the Disease and the Remedy [Arabic]. 2002
Coverage from Aljazeera.Net.
Algeria's Contested Elections [English]. 1998
By Hugh Roberts.
Algeria's May 17, 2007 Parliamentary Elections or the Political Representation Crisis [English][Arabic]. 2007
The following study analyses the electoral exercise in light of realities on the ground: a voting process devoid of democracy, the obvious manifestation of the political representation crisis that has besets the Algerian political system since the collapse of “revolutionary legitimacy” in October 1988.
Algeria's Presidential Elections: The Stakes Have Been Set in Advance [English][Arabic]. 2009
Arab Election Law Compendium: Algeria [English][Arabic].
This page offers articles derived from Algeria's electoral laws related to specific electoral issues such as legislative or parliamentary elections, political parties and nomination of candidates, registration of electors and voters eligibility and other election campaign issues.
Assessment of the Electoral Framework in Algeria - Final Report [English][Arabic][French]. 2007
This report was prepared by Democracy Reporting International (DRI) on the Electoral Framework of Algeria.
Governance News [Arabic]. 2004
Yearly report 2004: Elections.
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