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Emerging Democracies Forum - Managing the Twin Transitions - Conference Transcripts [English].
The National Democracy Institute for International Affairs and other international donors sponsored a forum on political and economic reforms in emerging democracies, held in Yemen June 27-30, 1999. The forum addressed four major issues, Implementing economic structural adjustment reforms, elections and legislature, participation of women in decision-making processes, and controlling corruption, improving administration and strengthening the rule of law.
International Freedom of Expression Exchange "IFEX" - Yemen [English].
The International Freedom of Expression Exchange works to promote and emphasize the importance of Freedom of Expression. This page on Yemen offers press releases, articles, reports and related sites discussing recent issues related to freedom of expression in Yemen.
Internet Filtering in Yemen in 2004-2005: A Country Study [English]. 2006
This study conducted by the OpenNet Initiative (ONI) analyzes the filtering systems of both Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Yemen. It suggests that while these systems do indeed sensor material on topics related to sex, sexuality and gambling, they do not block political content and the blocking of religious content is limited, focusing only on a small number of anti-Islam sites.
Pollwatching: A Handbook for Political Parties in Yemen [English]. 1997
This handbook, prepared by NDI, explains the concept importance and mechanism of pollwatching. It highlights the importance of the role political parties play in poll watching, and outlines a strategy that political parties can use on election day.
Yemen - Political Parties Law, 1991- Commentary [English].
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