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Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union [Arabic].
Building Democracy in Yemen: Women's Political Participation, Political Party Life and Democratic Elections [English][Arabic]. 2005
This report discussed the political participation by Yemeni women, the constitutional and legal Bases of Party Pluralism in Yemen and the impact of their implementation.
Enhancing the Role of Women: UNDP Yemen Electoral Support Programme [English]. 2004
Presentation published by the United Nations Development Programme - Yemen Electoral Support Programme. It focuses on UNDP's efforts to enhance women's politcal participation in Yemen. The presentation outlines the programmes' strategic areas of support in the elections process with a particular focus on voter education.
Report on the Status of Women in Yemen Five Years After Beijing 1995 [English]. 2002
The report published by The United Nations Development Fund for Women - Arab States evaluates the status of women in Yemen five years after the signing of the Beijing Platform for Action. It reviews women's involvement in a number of areas including their involvement in decision-making processes.
Strengthening Parliaments in Conflict/Post-conflict Situations: Case Study on Yemen [English]. 2005
Study presented by Mr. Ahmed Saif, Professor of politics at the American university of Sharjah
The First Democratic Gathering: Women and Yemeni Political Parties [Arabic]. 2005
This publication, prepared by the Montada Al Shaqeq Al Arabi for Human Rights, discusses the issue of women and political parties in Yemen and sheds light on the general context in which political parties emerged. It also includes a field study aimed at taking stock of women’s experience with political parties, as well as of the expressed roles, expertise, obstacles and ambition, in addition to personal testimonies from women belonging to different political parties who talk about their experience within their respective parties.
The Fourth Democratic Gathering: Women in Yemeni Local Councils [Arabic]. 2005
This study reviews the experience of Yemeni women in local councils in general and focuses on the experience of women during the elections and the mandate of local councils in order to assess the actual performance and identify problems and achievements. The publication also highlights the personal experience of some of the local councils members during elections, and the problems they are faced in the course of their activity as local councils’ members, and includes a legal review and comments on the law on local councils.
Women’s Experience with Elections: The National Consultative Meeting with Female Candidates to the Parliamentary Elections in Yemen [Arabic]. 2005
This publication, prepared by the Montada Al Shaqeq Al Arabi for Human Rights, sheds light on the political participation of Yemeni women by conducting a gender-based political, cultural and historical analysis of the electoral programs of political parties and organizations. It also refers to the experience of seven women who stood for the legislative elections in 2003 and who talked objectively of the obstacles preventing women’s participation in the electoral process in Yemen.
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