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Bahrain: reaching a Threshold [English]. 2009
As the 10th year of King Hamad’s reign approaches, this working paper argues that Bahrain has reached an impasse in its reform process. Institutionalized sectarianism and a weak elected parliament have led to rising frustration in Bahrain and while many Bahrainis remain grateful to King Hamad for his initial reforms in 2001 and 2002, there is now a demand for an end to discrimination and for government accountability, the introduction of legislation and judicial reform that defends citizens’ rights and a parliament that has primary legislative power.
Internet Filtering in Bahrain in 2004-2005 [English]. 2005
This study suggests that overall, while Bahrain does implement Internet filtering through its primary Internet Service Provider (ISP), Batelco, the level of blocking is extremely low, indicating that this effort is likely symbolic in nature and does not present a serious challenge for its citizens in finding Internet content. However, the regulatory and technical infrastructure in Bahrain is such that more extensive filtering could be swiftly introduced, should the government choose to do so.
National Assessment of Citizens, Civil Society and Public Sector Reform in Bahrain [Arabic]. 2007
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