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Anti-Corruption: Egypt (Type: All, Provider: All)

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Corruption among Security and Justice Officials: Working Paper [English]. 2000
Presented by the Egyptian Administrative Control Authority (ACA) at the Forum "Fighting Global Corruption: Business Risk Management, May 2000," organized by the US State Department. Page 11 of the report refers to the Egyptian laws that govern the ethics and behavior of security and public officials' vis-à-vis corruption.
Governance News [Arabic]. 2004
Yearly report 2004: Transparency and accountability.
Governance News [Arabic]. 2004
Annual Report 2004 - Part Two: Transparency and accountability.
Reflections on Corruption: an Economist's Perspective [English]. 2006
This paper focuses most on the area of tax evasion, and makes reference to the black market activity.
Regional Conference Booklet on Corruption and Money Laundering [English][Arabic]. 2009
This booklet comprises the presentations and studies that were presented in the regional conference on “Corruption and Money Laundering” held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt on October 21-22, 2007, in cooperation with the Egyptian Public Prosecution Office. The booklet addresses the following themes: introduction to the criminalization of corruption and money laundering, capacity building of prosecutors in investigation, and the importance of international and regional cooperation in the fight against corruption and money laundering.
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