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Civil Society Participation in the Law Making Process in Egypt [English]. 2005
Law-making for economic reform is a process whose effectiveness depends on the law makers’ ability to study the impact of laws and regulations on the market, anticipate blockages whether among the public or in bureaucracies and act accordingly. This points towards a need for good information provision and knowledge creation systems.
Egypt: Margin of Repression, State Limits on Nongovernmental Organization Activism [English]. 2005
This report discusses the impact of the law governing associations, Law 84/2002, which came into effect in June 2003. The report concludes that the most serious barrier to meaningful freedom of association in Egypt is the extra-legal role of the security services.
Freedom of association and civil society in Egypt [English]. 2009
This paper by Kristina Kausch analyses freedom of association in Egypt and identifies the main obstacles that Egyptian NGOs, political parties and unions are facing. The planned amendments to the already restrictive Associations Law are likely to further limit the space in which civil society is able to operate. The extralegal role of the Security Services in monitoring and harassing political activists impedes the latter from taking any legal action.
Freedom of Association and Human Rights Organization in Egypt [English][French]. 1999
This report summarizes the main results of the two latest missions to Cairo undertaken by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) and the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) regarding the Draft Law on Private Association and Institutions.
International Freedom of Expression Exchange "IFEX" - Egypt [English].
The International Freedom of Expression Exchange works to promote and emphasize the importance of Freedom of Expression. This page on Egypt offers press releases, articles, reports and related sites discussing recent issues related to freedom of expression in Egypt.
National Assessment of Citizens, Civil Society and Public Sector Reform in Egypt [Arabic]. 2007
Putting Education to Work in Egypt [English]. 1999
This paper explores the reasons behind Egypt's anomalously low return to its education investments, and suggests what steps would help ensure that over the next decade and beyond, education in Egypt delivers, because it is an instrument not only of sensible social policy but of productivity-based increases in economic growth and of a more equitable sharing of that productive growth.
Restrictions on foreign funding of civil society [English]. 2010
The author, Mohamed ElAgati, analyzes the regulatory principles relating to foreign funding the case of Egypt in a Special Section: Restrictions on Foreign Funding of Civil Society that is published by the International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law. Volume 12, Issue 3, May 2010.
Telecoms and Media: An overview of regulation in Egypt [English]. 2009
Undermining Standards of Good Governance: Egypt ’s NGO Law and Its Impact on the Transparency and Accountability of CSOs [English]. 2007
The article considers the effects of Law No. 84/2002 on Non-Governmental Organizations (hereinafter “ Egypt’s NGO Law” or “Law No. 84”) on Egypt’s civil society from two perspectives. First is the ability of civil society organizations (CSOs) to advocate and conduct activities pursuant to their missions. Second is the law's influence on good governance practices among CSOs.
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