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Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union [Arabic].
Developing a Parliamentary Research Service, the Experience of Egypt [English]. 1999
Overview of the Egyptian experience in developing a parliamentary research services by Wafaa Ali Abdel Elah, Research Service, People's Assembly of Egypt.
Egyptian Legislation and Jurisprudence [English][Arabic][French]. 2006
A handbook of the project that established the legislation and jurisprudence data base in Egypt.
Egyptian Political Parties, Constraints and Limitations: Report of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights [Arabic]. 2007
An article published by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights discussing the difficulties inherent in the Egyptian partisan sphere, mainly concerning the formation of new political parties and the restricting legislative environment. The article also draws attention to impediments regarding issuing favorable laws as a result of the ruling party's large influence on the ratification of laws.
Official Structures in the Service of Research and Information in the Egyptian Parliament [English]. 2005
The Egyptian Parliament offers technical and administrative assistance to its members through different organs, with the main objective of empowering MPs to carry out their legislative and control tasks and in this study an attempt is made to describe and evaluate the official institutional structures that offer information and research services in Parliament.
Parallel Structures for Parliamentary Research and Studies in Egypt [English]. 2005
This report reviews the parallel information structures of the Egyptian People’s Assembly. It seeks to place these structures within a theoretical framework that facilitates a comparison with other cases in the area of performance evaluation and raising alternatives to enhance information efficiency in parliamentary debates.
Performance Based Budgeting from a Gender Perspective- Egypt [Arabic]. 2004
The following resource book, produced by the Public Administration Research and Consultation Centre (PARC) of Cairo University in collaboration with the Egyptian National Council for women, explains performance based budgeting and ways of integrating gender into those budgets.  The book also provides a number of examples and practical tools.
Political Empowerment of Egyptian Women, is Quota the Solution ?!! [Arabic]. 2009
This study is an overview of the political participation of women in Egypt. The study enumerates the rights gained by women after the July revolution, notably the right of nomination and election. It also monitors the constraints which stand in the face of the political empowerment of women in International Law and the Egyptian Constitution. The study discusses the quota in the international conventions, as well as the presence of women in the legislative, executive and judicial branch.
The Parliament Press in Egypt 2000 – 2003: A Mechanism for increasing Awareness of the Legislative Institution [English]. 2005
This study raises a number of questions that seek to give depth to the debate on the role of the parliamentary press. The analysis in this paper focused on a period from 2000 to 2003, which includes a national parliamentary election round in 2000. This election has seen some new phenomena that have left their mark on parliamentary life thereafter.
The Women's Movement in Egypt with Selected References to Turkey [English]. 2002
This report ,published by UNRISD, discusses the historical backgrounds and contemporary contexts of women’s movements in Egypt and Turkey. It describes the potential of women’s movements to become a force for democratization in the contemporary Middle East and a champion of women’s rights.
Women's Right in Focus: Egypt [English]. 2005
This report presents the findings of a study on public attitudes towards women's rights in Egypt. It discusses the status of women's political, educational, economic, and legal rights, as well as the role of the media and information technology in expanding the information available to women on news, politics, and local affairs. The study finds that progress for women is hindered by gaps in public knowledge about basic rights, as well as by institutional weaknesses in Egypt’s government.
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