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Decentralization in Egypt: The First Steps have been Taken [English]. 1998
By William F. Fox and el Sayed Ghanim, August 1998. This paper discusses some of the basic characteristics necessary for a devolved system. Then it moves to describe the existing government structure and fiscal system in Egypt .The authors also address the fiscal decentralization that is occurring out side the governmental structures in Egypt.
Decentralization in Egypt: The First steps have been Taken [English]. 1998
By Fox, Williams, and Ghanim el Sayed, August, 1998.
Egypt - Human Development Report 2002 - 2003 [English]. 2003
Local Participatory Development.
Impact of Decentralization, in its Different Types, on Poverty Reduction [English]. 2000
Von Braun, Joach and Grote, Center for Development Research (ZEF-Bonn) University of Bonn, Ulrike, Does Decentralization Serve the Poor? November, 2000. The Lecture was given during the IMF conference on Fiscal Decentralization, held on the 20-21 November, 2000. The paper contains references to Egypt.
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