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Egypt Judicial Structures [English]. 2001
A chapter of the study "Arab Judicial Structures ".
Egypt's Judges Step Forward: the Judicial Election Boycott and Egyptian Reform [English]. 2005
This paper argues that when the Egyptian Judges Club decided to boycott their constitutionally mandated role of supervising upcoming elections to secure judicial reform and support electoral reform that may have produced a series of regime concessions that, while limited, may nonetheless have significant long-term effects on opening a closed political system.
Governance News [Arabic]. 2004
Annual Report 2004 - Part Two: Judicial and legal reform.
Public Prosecution Offices - National Report of Egypt (Preparatory Phase) [English][Arabic]. 2004
State of the Judiciary Report for Egypt [English][Arabic]. 2004
Edited by Mr. Elias Shalhoub - supervision and publication by the Arab Center for the Rule of Law and Integrity and IFES the International Foundation for Election Systems IFES.
State of the Judiciary Report: Egypt 2003 [English][Arabic]. 2004
The 2003 State of the Judiciary Report represents information concerning Egypt’s efforts to comply with key international and constitutional obligations related to judicial independence. It highlights reforms and important problems that need immediate attention.
Structure of the Public Prosecution Office in Egypt [English]. 2004
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