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Can the Iraqi elections save the state? [English]. 2005
The elections taking place today in Iraq are a turning point for the country, but not a democratic turning point. An election, particularly one marred by such an unprecedented level of violence and fear, does not turn a country into a democracy. But no matter how flawed, the voting will force the various ethnic, religious and political groups in Iraq to confront each other and decide whether they can stay together in one country.
Council of Representatives Election Composite Report Iraq [English]. 2005
This report illustrates how the trend lines for political participation have remained positive during the course of the transition in Iraq. It concludes that this consistent and positive baseline of participation can be seen as an indicator of widespread support for self-governance and elected representation.
Final Report on the December 15, 2005, Iraqi Council of Representatives Elections [English][Arabic]. 2006
This report highlights the strength of December 15 election process and makes clear recommendations to the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq and the Council of Representatives, for improving furure electoral events.
Focus on Elections [English]. 2005
Sunday, 30 January, 2005, will go down in history as the day many Iraqi voters showed their determination to go to the polls in the face of threats and intimidation from insurgents bent on making the first free election in 50 years fail.
General Elections in Iraq [Arabic]. 2010
Aljazeera.Net special coverage.
Iraq Election Scenarios: Anticipating Alternative Futures [English]. 2005
This paper illustrates how scenario planning can help policymakers tackle great uncertainty and complex political environments. It describes the project of the United States Institute of Peace that was launched in August 2004 in which it sought to develop multiple scenarios for the Iraq elections.
Iraq Parliamentary Elections [Arabic]. 2005
Coverage from
Iraq: Between Referendum and Elections [English]. 2005
This is United States Institute of Peace current issue briefing on referendum and elections. The briefing maintains that following the ratification of Iraq's national constitution in the October 15, 2005 referendum, the December 15 parliamentary elections were set as the milestone in Iraq's democratic political processes.
Iraqi Elections 2005 [Arabic]. 2005
Coverage from Aljazeera.Net
Iraqi Elections: Farce of the Century [English]. 2005
Registration for ex-patriate Iraqis to vote in the Iraq elections began on Monday in fourteen countries. However, according to a renowned expert on international law, Sabah Al Mukhtar, the London based President of the League of Arab Lawyers, the election is not alone fatally flawed, it is illegal.
Iraq's Provincial Elections - The Stakes [English]. 2009
This background report issued by the International Crisis Group is accordingly designed as a guide to elections that could help put Iraq on more stable, albeit still fragile footing.
The Election in Iraq: the US Propaganda System is Still Working in High Gear [English]. 2005
Throughout the history of American Occupied nations, such as The Dominican Republic, Vietnam, and El Salvador, elections helped consolidate the power of the U.S.-chosen leaders, but its most important function was to demonstrate to the U.S. public that they were on the right track in the occupied countries, helping them on the road to democracy.
What They're Not Telling You About the "Elections" [English]. 2005
When asked about the accuracy of the estimate of voter turnout during a press conference, Ayar, the spokesman for the Independent Electoral Commission for Iraq (IECI), backtracked on his earlier figure, saying that a closer estimate was lower than his initial estimate and would be more like 60% of registered voters.
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