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Building a New Iraq: Women’s Role in Reconstruction Women’s Role in Strengthening Civil Society [English]. 2003
The findings and conclusions of the Woodrow Wilson International Center and Women Waging Peace joint project entitled "Conflict Prevention Project: Middle East". The document discusses the changes that must be implemented in the fields of civil society, constitution, legislation, governance and democracy and security to ensure the rehabilitation, progression and improvement of women's conditions and status in post-conflict Iraq.
Climate of Fear: Sexual Violence and Abduction of Women and Girls in Baghdad [English]. 2003
Many of the problems in addressing sexual violence and abduction against women and girls derive from the U.S.-led coalition forces and civilian administration’s failure to provide public security in Baghdad. This report recommends that it is essential that all parties involved in the reconstruction plans address the state’s inadequate protection of the rights of women and girls.
Decades of Suffering, Now Women Deserve Better [English]. 2005
This report is part of Amnesty International's Stop Violence Against Women Campaign. It focuses on the many ways in which women and girls in Iraq have suffered from government repression and armed conflict in disproportionate or different ways from men, and how they have been targeted as women.
Economic Empowerment of Women in Iraq: The Way Forward [English]. 2006
This briefing summarizes the views expressed by participants in two meetings held by the United States Institute of Peace in coordination with the Department of State, the Department of Defense, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), on February 1, February 22, and April 19, 2006, to discuss the current economic progress of women in Iraq and to identify challenges and options for the future.
How the US Erase Women’s Rights in Iraq [English]. 2005
Under the new U.S.-crafted constitution, which was put to referendum on the 15 October while the bloodbath mounts each day, women’s rights will be oppressed and the role of women in Iraqi society will be curtailed and relegated to the caring for “children and the elderly”.
In Her Own Words: Iraqi Women Talk about their Greatest Concerns and Challenges [English]. 2009
This report consists of a survey on women in Iraq who have been affected by the conflict. It provides a disturbing snapshot of many women lives and those of their children and other family members. The information presented in this paper was collected over a period of several months, starting in the summer of 2008.
International Women's Rights Action Watch - Country Report: Iraq [English]. 1998
The International Women's Rights Action Watch (IWRAW) prepared and submitted this report on Iraq to the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. It provides an economic and political analysis of the country’s situation and its relation to the status of women’s rights.
Iraqi Women and Violence [Arabic]. 2006
This study is an international research work on violence against Iraqi women and on the oppression they are exposed to.
Iraqi Women Under US Occupation [English]. 2005
In addition to torture, sexual violence and rape by U.S. Occupation forces, a great number of Iraqi women and girls are kept locked up in their homes by a very real fear of abduction and criminal abuse. Since the invasion of Iraq, Iraqi women have been denied their human rights, including the right to health, education and employment.
Problem of the Women Taking Charge of Leading Positions (Iraq case study) [Arabic]. 2002
By Dr. Ina'am A. Al-Shehabi and Dr. Mowaffaq H. Mohammad, Arab Organization for Administrative Development – First Meeting. "Marketing in the Arab Region: Reality and Prospects for Development". Sharjah, UAE, 15-16 October, 2002.
Windows of Opportunity: Pursuing Gender Equity in Post-War Iraq [English]. 2005
This paper examines the forces working to shape the future of Iraq and the brief window of opportunity that women must seize. It also presents women’s own perceptions of the current situation and vision for the future. It reports on what women are saying about their basic needs, educational and economic opportunities, community and political participation, expectations about the U.S. occupation and other areas of their lives.
Winning the Peace Conference Report: Women’s Role in Post-Conflict Iraq [English]. 2003
This is the report of "Winning the Peace: Women’s Role in Post-Conflict Iraq” Conference that was hosted by the Conflict Prevention and Middle East Projects of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Women Waging Peace and that was held in Washington D.C. on April 21st and 22nd, 2003. The focus was the inclusion of women in four vital sectors of Iraqi administration: democracy and governance, economic activity, constitutional law, legislation, and civil society.
Women of the New Iraq [English]. 2005
This article argues that women's rights in Iraq have not been destroyed by Islam, but by the destruction of state and society brought on by foreign military aggression. Most Iraqi women recognise and try to sensitively cope with the predicament of dealing with occupation and the rise of reactionary practices affecting their rights and way of life.
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