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Building a New Iraq: Ensuring Women’s Rights [English]. 2005
This report, published by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, discusses women’s political participation in Iraq, including their role in building sustainable peace in the country and drafting the new constitution. It also includes biographies of some Iraqi women leaders and list of publications related to the new role of women in Iraq.
Democracy in the Making: Key Options in Iraq's Democratization Process [English][Arabic]. 2005
This policy paper is aimed at the Iraqi political and social leadership representing different and conflicting visions, but is also relevant to those sectors of the international community called to provide technical, financial and political support to the transition process in Iraq. This policy paper addresses three discrete areas: constitution building processes, electoral system design and political parties in divided societies. It is based on a comparative global analysis undertaken by IDEA. It is meant to offer practical options on how to strengthen democratic institutions and processes.
Developing Iraq’s Security Sector The Coalition Provisional Authority’s Experience [English]. 2005
This report, published by Rand, concerns itself with the efforts to build both forces and institutions in Iraq. It provides a historical record of the coalition’s experience and seeks, insofar as is possible at this early stage, to draw lessons from the successes and failures of that experience.
Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers, Checks and Balances and Judicial Independence: A Paper Prepared for the UN Project on Constitution Making in Iraq [Arabic]. 2005
This study, prepared by NDI, focuses on the distribution of power between the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the state.
Manual on Legislative Drafting for the Iraqi Council of Representatives [Arabic]. 2008
This manual was prepared by Mr. Mahmoud Sabra, one of the Arab region’s leading experts in legislative drafting, and was published by UNDP-POGAR as part of the project entitled “Strengthening the Capacities of the Iraqi Council of Representatives”. This manual is designed specifically for the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and contains guidelines on how to read, analyze, and draft a bill. The purpose of the Manual is to help members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and legal councilors perform their duties as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Winning the Peace: Women’s Role in Post-Conflict Iraq [English]. 2005
Report published by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars including findings and recommendations discussed at the Winning the Peace: women's role in rebuilding Iraq conference. It describes Iraqi women's role in reconstructing post-conflict Iraq and their participation in governance, legislature, and civil society.
Women’s Rights Under Attack: Occupation, Constitution and Fundamentalisms [English]. 2006
This publication highlights the work that Iraqi women are doing to try to amend the new Iraqi Constitution
Women's Rights in the New Constitution of Iraq: Perspectives from the Afghan Constitutional Experience [Arabic]. 2003
This study published by NDI, discusses women's rights in the new Iraqi constitution. The study takes women's rights in the new Afghani constitution as a case study, and sheds light on women's right in different constitutions as well. It concludes with recommendations on how to embed women's right in the new constitution.
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