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A Constitution that Means Nothing to Ordinary Iraqis [English]. 2005
Today is supposed to be "C" day, according to President Bush and all the others who illegally invaded Iraq in 2003. However, in "real" Baghdad - where the President and Prime Minister and the constitutional committee never set foot -citizens ask about security, about electricity, about water, about when the occupation will end, when the murders will end, when the rapes will end.
Constitution Drafting Update [English]. 2005
In this analysis Brown shows: how much of the international analysis and lobbying distracts from the central issues and provided overly legalistic understandings of how the constitution would operate; why the central purpose of the constitutional process—striking a bargain among Iraq’s various groups—is so difficult; and why the drafters as well as external analysts should devote far more attention to practical issues of enforcement rather than general ideological language.
Constitution of Iraq: Draft Bill of Rights [English]. 2005
The Iraqi newspaper Al-Mada has published what it claims to be a preliminary draft of the portion of the Iraqi constitution dealing with rights and freedoms. Carnegie Senior Associate and Arab constitutionalism expert Nathan J. Brown has prepared a translation, summary and brief analysis of the text.
Draft Constitution Gained, But an Important Opportunity Was Lost [English]. 2005
A briefing of the United States Institute of Peace forthcoming Special Report, “Iraq’s Constitutional Process II: An Opportunity Lost, that discusses why are Sunni Arabs are opposed to a constitution that appears to give them the same opportunities for self-governance that it provides to Kurds and Shia?
Final Update on Iraq's Constitutional Process [English]. 2005
Brown provides in this update an analysis of the remaining points of contention, the mechanisms for resolving these issues, the path forward if the drafters resolve the points of contention successfully, and the path forward if they fail.
Iraq and the Constitution [Arabic]. 2005
Aljazeera.Net special coverage.
Iraq at a Juncture: Constitution, Referendum and Elections [English]. 2005
A discussion just two weeks before the deadline for a national referendum on the draft constitution for Iraq. Submitted to the country’s transitional parliament in late August amidst American pressures to meet an August 15 deadline, some have welcomed the draft as the product of imperfect but adequate consultation, and others have deeply criticized the draft as a bilateral agreement that has failed to get the political buy-in of one of Iraq’s major ethnic groups.
Iraq: the New Constitution Must Protect Human Rights [English][Arabic][French]. 2005
This document highlights some recommendations that are of particular relevance to Iraq today. It depends for its analysis on a draft of the constitution that was published in Arabic in Al-Sabah newspaper in Iraq on 26 July 2005. The analysis is primarily related to the Chapter of the draft that is titled “Basic Rights and General Freedoms”.
Iraq’s Constitutional Process Plunges Ahead [English]. 2005
Brown argues that the draft constitution deadline has lost much of its relevance, and Iraq should consider using the six-month allowance for an extension to ensure the constitution is a viable, unifying document. He cautions that rushing to meet the deadline could result in a draft constitution that embodies the varying interests of Iraq’s contending groups but fails to resolve their differences. He also offers glimpses into where the draft stands now on several critical issues, including the basic structures of government, religion’s role in the state, federalism, rights, gender, and security.
Iraq's Constitutional Process - Shaping a Vision for the Country's Future [English]. 2005
United States Institute of Peace, Special Report 132. This report summarizes the lessons that have emerged from the U.S. Institute of Peace-UNDP constitution-making project that have particular relevance for consideration by members of a postelection Iraqi National Assembly and the Iraqi public.
Iraq's Constitutional Process II: An Opportunity Lost [English][Arabic]. 2005
Jonathan Morrow analyzes the process of negotiating and drafting Iraq's constitution, and points to lessons for Iraq and for future constitutional processes.
Iraq's Constitutional Process Plunges Ahead [English]. 2005
Nathan Brown offers glimpses into where the draft constitution stands now on several critical issues, including the basic structures of government, religion’s role in the state, federalism, rights, gender, and security.
Iraq's New Constitution [English]. 2005
The US is pushing the Iraqi "government" to agree on a draft constitution. The new draft constitution is based on the November 2003 US-crafted illegitimate interim constitution, the Transitional Administrative Law (TAL), produced from the notes book of Paul Bremer, then the US Proconsul in Baghdad. Its aim is the colonisation of Iraq and the wholesale privatisation of Iraq’s economy.
Post-Election Iraq: Facing the Constitutional Challenge [English]. 2005
Iraq’s newly elected National Assembly (NA) will soon take up its major task of drafting a permanent constitution. The task is to be completed in time to submit the draft constitution to a national plebiscite by October 15, 2005. Constitutions are rarely written during calm times. In fact, one of the major obstacles to the development of constitutionalism in the Arab world is that constitutions were written under conditions of insufficient turmoil
Sub-National Government in Post-Constitution Iraq: Constitutional and Legal Framework [English]. 2006
This discussion focuses on constitutional and legal issues implicated in sub-national governance with the new Constitution of the Republic of Iraq
Supporting Iraq’s Constitution [English]. 2005
This report covers the various types of assistance that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has provided to Iraq with the aim of supporting the drafting of an Iraqi constitution. This includes technical assistance to the Drafting Commission, support of the Women’s National Coalition, public outreach and civic education on the constitutional process.
The Iraq Study Group Report [English]. 2006
This report includes a number of recommendations for actions to be taken in Iraq, the United States and the region. They call for new and enhanced diplomatic and political efforts in Iraq and the region, and a change in the primary mission of U.S. forces in Iraq that will enable the United States to begin to move its combat forces out of Iraq responsibly.
The New Iraqi Constitution Project [Arabic]. 2005
There is a need to emphasize a very critical and important rule. That rule states that whoever is writing a draft constitution must realize that its chapters and articles cannot be modified except in circumstances of extreme necessity. If constitutional amendments are easily introduced, the drafting committee would plunge into a series of mistakes, axioms and generalities that would obscure the constitutional principles upon which this great law stands.
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