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Arab Women and the Media [English]. 2007
The report aims to examine Arab research studies and their outputs with an emphasis on learning about methodologies applied in subject studies. Their objective is to contribute to improving studies that are likely to serve the practical and training activities.
Civil Society and Gender Assessment and Program Design (Jordan) [English]. 2006
This assessment provides a detailed gender program within the mission that adopts a Gender and Development approach, integrates gender mainstreaming and gender budget performance in mission programs, develops the mission’s gender equity analytic and policy frameworks, and works closely with government agencies, notably the Ministry of Planning’s gender division and other donor agencies to promote gender mainstreaming.
Impact of Soft Containment On Freedom of Journalism and Independence of the Media in Jordan [English].
International Freedom of Expression Exchange "IFEX" - Jordan [English].
The International Freedom of Expression Exchange works to promote and emphasize the importance of Freedom of Expression. This page on Jordan offers press releases, articles, reports and related sites discussing recent issues related to freedom of expression in Jordan.
Jordan: Draft Bill Would Muzzle Civil Society [English]. 2005
Human Rights Watch expressed concern with several provisions of Jordan’s new draft association law that was presented to the parliament on March 6, 2005. The draft law requires professional associations to obtain pre-written approval from the Interior Ministry to hold a public gathering or meeting and to limit the topics discussed at any of their professional meetings, councils and committee meetings exclusively to "professional matters."
National Assessment of Citizens, Civil Society and Public Sector Reform in Jordan [Arabic]. 2007
Role of Civil Society Institutions in Resisting Normalization with Israel [English]. 2000
A case study of the Jordanian civil society institutions, political parties, professional associations, societies, and the press, as they faced the issue of normalization and openness with Israel at the political, social and economic levels.
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