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Arab Election Law Compendium: Jordan [English][Arabic].
This page offers articles derived from Jordan's electoral laws related to specific electoral issues such as legislative or parliamentary elections, political parties and nomination of candidates, registration of electors and voters eligibility and other election campaign issues.
Assessment of the Electoral Framework in Jordan - Final Report [English][Arabic]. 2007
This report explores the political environment in which the parliamentary elections in Jordan take place. It includes analysis of the electoral processes as well as recommendations on how to adjust and improve them.
Constituent Relations Manual: a Guide to Best Practices [English]. 2008
The National Democratic Institute (NDI) created this guide for elected representatives seeking to effectively organize and carry out their constituent's relations. The guide offers practical approaches and advice gained from the working experiences of legislators around the world.
Exit Poll on the Jordanian Municipal Elections Conducted in Six Electoral Districts Located In Six Municipalities [English][Arabic]. 2007
This is an exit poll conducted by the Jordan Center for Social Research in six electoral Districts located In six municipalities: Irbid, Al-Karak, Madaba, Al-Rusaifeh, Al-Hasa and Al-Oyoun.
Governance News [Arabic]. 2004
Annual Report 2004 - Part Two: Elections.
Jordan: Elections and Parliament [English][French]. 1997
This site offers a detailed breakdown of the results of Jordan's 1997 Parliamentary Elections. The European Institute prepared it for Research on Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Cooperation (MEDEA).
Jordan: Electoral System Design in the Arab World [English][French]. 1997
A brief analysis of Jordan’s electoral system from the Administration and Cost of Elections Project.
Jordan’s New Election Law: New Tactics, Old Strategy [English]. 2001
In 2001, Jordan's King Abdullah approved a new election law; two days later, he issued a decree indefinitely postponing parliamentary elections. Taken together, those moves appeared designed to bolster the stability of the kingdom.
Jordanian Elections 2003 [Arabic]. 2003
Coverage from Aljazeera.Net.
Jordan's Parliamentary Elections 2010 [Arabic]. 2010
Special coverage from
Jordan's Parliamentary Elections on the Margin of Political Life [Arabic]. 2007
Coverage of Jordan's Parliamentary Elections 2007 from Aljazeera.Net.
Report on the 2007 Municipal Elections in Jordan [English][Arabic]. 2007
This is the report of the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies on the municipal elections held in Jordan on 31 July 2007.
Report on the Elections of the 15th House of Representatives in Jordan [Arabic]. 2008
Report prepared by the Elections Network in the Arab Region on the elections of the 15th House of Representatives in Jordan in 2007.
Report on the Monitoring of the Media Coverage of the 2007 Jordanian Parliamentary Elections [English]. 2007
Summary of the Report issued by the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies (ACHRS) on the Monitoring of the Media Coverage of the 2007 Jordanian Parliamentary Elections.
The Jordanian House of Representatives and the Sustained Decline in Confidence: Survey of the Public Opinion on the Assessment of the Performance of the current House of Representatives since its Election [Arabic]. 2009
This report includes an overall assessment of the public opinion on the performance of the actual Jordanian House of Representatives. It aims to identify the citizens’ assessment of the independence of the Council, as well as the main determinants of the performance of the members of parliament. The report also seeks to determine the extent of the citizens’ follow-up of the Council’s work. It addresses the evaluation of the respondents to the issue of women's quotas which has been applied, for the second time, in the actual Council, and reflects the trends of the public opinion about the privileges normally accorded to the MPs.
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