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Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union [Arabic].
First Class: Profiles of Women MPs and Senators in Jordan 2003-2007 [English][Arabic]. 2006
NDI produced this report, profiling Jordanian women serving in the lower and upper houses of Parliament between 2003 and 2007.
Jordan: Elections and Parliament [English][French]. 1997
This site offers a detailed breakdown of the results of Jordan's 1997 Parliamentary Elections. The European Institute prepared it for Research on Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Cooperation (MEDEA).
Jordanian Woman's Participation in Politics: Analytical Study of the Parliamentary conduct in the Fourteenth Parliament Council [Arabic]. 2007
This report, published by the United Nations Development Fund For Women (UNIFEM) in collaboration with the National Committee for Women, aims at shedding light on and studying the situation of Jordanian women in terms of political participation and the role of political will in guaranteeing the presence and integration of women in decision-making processes in Jordan. It also deals with the obstacles and challenges facing women in politics, and places emphasis on women political participation in Jordan since the beginning of 2003 when Provisional Law No. 34, dated 2001on Parliamentary Elections, known as the Women Quota Law, was amended. The report contains an anaysis and comparison between the strengths and weaknesses in the law within the national context.
Jordanian Women Experience in Accessing Parliament [Arabic].
This study stresses on the importance of women access to the legislature with particular emphasis on the experience of Jordanian women in this regard. It also analyzes the reasons behind women's failure and sets out the required measures for strengthening their capacity to access parliament.
Public Opinion, Terrorism and the Jordanian Security Sector [English]. 2008
This study aims to analyze the relations between the different branches of the Jordanian state, civil and military based on a compilation of surveys and public polls.
The Economic Advancement of Women in Jordan: A Country Gender Assessment [English]. 2005
This study prepared by the World Bank, discusses the women economic advancement in Jordan. It sheds light on the gender issues in human development, and highlights the legal, policy, and institutional frameworks for women's economic advancement and political participation.
The Main Actors in the Law – Making Process for Economic Reform: An Assessment of their Strengths & Weaknesses to Participate in the Law – Making Process in Egypt [English]. 2005
After launching the Economic Reform and Stabilization Adjustment Program (ERSAP) in 1991 the Egyptian government embarked on a new initiative to reform and upgrade the legislative framework. This paper highlights the role of the Executive, the Legislative and civil society, showing the weaknesses and the strengths of the process.
Towards Political Empowerment of Jordanian Women [Arabic]. 2006
This study covers three major topics: first, women and international instruments of human rights; second, Jordan’s position in respect of these instruments; and third, how women’s legal status has been affected by these instruments. The report also identifies areas if legal concern relevant to the legal status of Jordanian women. The report also examines the status of women in Jordan in other areas including education, health, economic empowerment and the family. The report recognizes that considerable achievements have been made in terms of improvements in women’s status, but nevertheless highlights areas of particular concern in respect of women’s health and economic stats.
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