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Judiciary: Jordan (Type: All, Provider: All)

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Comparative Analysis of US and Jordanian Civil Procedures & Evidence Laws [English]. 2008
Governance News [Arabic]. 2004
Yearly report 2004: Judicial and legal reform.
Governance News [Arabic]. 2004
Annual Report 2004 - Part Two: Judicial and legal reform.
Introduction to the organization of the Judiciary Body in Jordan [Arabic]. 2004
Jordan Judicial Structures [English]. 2001
A chapter of the study "Arab Judicial Structures ".
Legal and Judicial Reform in the Arab World: A Primer [English]. 2004
By Sharif Ali Zu’bi and Zeid D. Hanania, Law Offices of Ali Sharif Zu’bi & Sharif Ali Zu’bi.
Public Prosecution Offices - National Report of Jordan (Preparatory Phase) [English][Arabic]. 2004
Structure of the Public Prosecution Office in Jordan [English]. 2004
Publications Added Recently
Arab Countries - A Parliamentary Guide on MDGs [Arabic]
Arab Countries - The Upper Houses in Arab Parliaments: Their Representative, Legislative, and Oversight Functions and Their Role in the Budget Process. Comparative Study of the Constitutional and Legal Framework [English][Arabic][French]
Arab Countries - strengthening the Oversight Function of Arab Parliaments. Developing the Legal Framework [English][Arabic]
Arab Countries - Energy Subsidies in the Arab World [English]
Arab Countries - Arab Parliamentary Bulletin - Issue 9 [English][Arabic]