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Assessment of the Electoral Framework in Kuwait - Final Report [English][Arabic]. 2008
This report was prepared by Democracy Reporting International (DRI) in cooperation with Kuwait Transparency Society.
Elections of the Kuwaiti National Assembly 2003 [Arabic]. 2003
Coverage from Aljazeera.Net.
Final Report on Monitoring the 2008 National Assembly Elections [Arabic]. 2008
Final report issied by the Kuwait Transparency Society on the National Assembly Elections held on 17 May 2008.
Kuwait Elections 2008 [Arabic]. 2008
Coverage of Kuwait's Parliamentary Elections 2008 from Aljazeera.Net.
Kuwaitis Vote for a New Parliament… And Maybe a New Electoral System [English]. 2006
This paper discusses this year’s Kuwaiti elections that led to controversy over the size of electoral districts with significant implications for Kuwaiti political life and the rare alliance of the liberals and Islamists.
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