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Governance News [Arabic]. 2004
Yearly report 2004: Women in public life.
Kuwait: Citizens Attitude towards Women Political Participation [Arabic]. 2007
This research sheds light on the attitudes of Kuwaiti citizens towards the political participation of women. It mainly aims at exploring the public's vision of women as political actors in the country and of women's participation during past elections, as well as the factors affecting voters' choice during the elections of the Majlis Al-Oumma. The study consisted of seven focus groups of voters aged between 24 and 40, from both sexes and belonging to both the sedentary and nomadic population in Kuwait. In-depth meetings were also held with eight Kuwaiti opinion leaders who are active in the field of the media, education, law, economy and politics.
Kuwait's Parliament Considers Women's Political Rights, Again [English]. 2004
The article discusses the wavering of Kuwait’s parliament in drafting a law to allow women's full political rights- voting and running for national office- and chronicles Kuwaiti women's struggle and achievements for political rights over the past two decades.
Women’s Rights and the Meaning of Citizenship in Kuwait [English]. 2005
The article discusses the situation of Kuwaiti women's rights and the challenges they face with regards to advancing their political rights, involvement and participation. It tackles these issues from various perspectives- the government, the opposition, the feminists and the general Kuwaiti public.
Women's Rights in Focus: Kuwait [English]. 2005
The findings of a focus groups published by Freedom House and conducted with Kuwaiti citizens on women’ freedom in July 2004. The findings revealed a modest support for granting women the right to vote, but less enthusiasm for women running as candidates in elections.
Women's Rights in the Middle East and North Africa - Kuwait [English][Arabic]. 2009
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