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Financial Transparency: Lebanon (Type: All, Provider: All)

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Corporate Governance and Business Ethics in Lebanon [English]. 2004
A speech delivered by Dr. Saidi, the Chair of Lebanon's Corporate Governance Task Force, at the meeting of the Lebanese Managers and Business Leaders Gathering to launch their "Code of Business Ethics" initiative. The initiative is meant to be a voluntary instrument and tool to promote business ethics, professional integrity, transparency in conduct and transactions, and the respect of contracts and commitments."
Governance News [Arabic]. 2004
Yearly report 2004: Transparency and accountability.
International Monetary Fund - Lebanon and the IMF [English].
The web site provides access to the working papers, country reports, statements, occasional papers, reports on the observance of standards and codes on banking supervision and economic development updates.
Lebanon - General Data Dissemination System  [English].
This site provides information on economic, financial and socio-demographic data disseminated by countries participating in the GDDS. Current statistical practices of each country are described, together with their plans to improve their statistical systems.
The Public's Right to Knowledge: Access to Official Information and Documents [Arabic]. 2002
This booklet discusses a number of legal, constitutional and political aspects pertaining to freedom of information and the right to be informed. It also discusses some sectors that directly benefit from passing such a law, for example the environmental and media sectors.
World Bank Urges Lebanon to Reduce Size of Public Sector [English]. 2005
The Daily Star coverage of the World Bank call for Lebanon's to reduce the size of its public sector by offering some of the staff early retirement.
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