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Brief on the Status of Women's Rights in Lebanon [English][Arabic].
The page provides access to brief reviews of the Lebanese women’s right, government’s policies to diminish discrimination against women, women’s advocacy groups and their reports to the UN CEDAW’s Committee.
Gender, Education and Child Labor in Lebanon [English]. 2004
This report on the child labor in Lebanon tackles a number of issues related to the educational system and provides a gender analysis of the interrelation existing between child labor and basic education.
Governance News [Arabic]. 2004
Annual Report 2004 - Part Two: Women in public life.
Lebanese National Action Plan [English]. 1995
Women Watch is a gateway to the information and resources on the promotion of gender equality. It is a joint United Nations project which was created in March 1997 to provide internet space for global gender equality issues and to support implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action. The Lebanese National Action Plan was provided by the government following the Beijing Conference.
Why the insistence on depriving Lebanese women of their right to full citizenship? [French]. 2008
A special report prepared by Suzanne Baaklini for l’Orient-Le Jour tackling the issue of nationality law and the right of women to pass their nationality to their spouse and children.
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