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Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union [Arabic].
Government Institutions Strengthening Component Local Government and Parliament Project Report [English]. 2004
This report highlights the achievements of the Center for Legislative Development of the State University of New York at Albany (SUNY/CLD) since 1993, in providing technical and administrative assistance to the Government of Lebanon through the Lebanon Relief and Redevelopment Project
Lebanon – Parliament Proceeding in 2004 [Arabic]. 2004
This report contains a brief on the outcome of the parliament’s legislative and supervisory roles, on administrative development in 2004, in addition to the parliament’s Arab and international relations.
Lebanon – Parliament Proceedings in 2003 [Arabic]. 2003
This report contains a brief on the role played by the Lebanese parliament and parliamentarian diplomacy, in addition to its legislative and supervisory task.
Parliamentary Work [Arabic]. 2005
Publications of the parliament
The Lebanese Parliament: Dynamics and Assessment, 1997 [English]. 1997
English abstract of the monograph "The 1992-1996 Lebanese Parliament" published originally in Arabic by the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies. The research focused on the performance of the Lebanese Parliament as the legislative branch of the government.
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