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Fiscal Decentralization in Lebanon [English]. 1998
By Sami Attallah - Efficiency and Participation workshop - Local Governance in the MENA Region, Marrakesh, Morocco, Sept. 3-6, 1998.
How Well is Lebanon Fiscally Decentralized? [English]. 2002
A paper presented by Sami Atallah at the Fourth Mediterranean Development Forum, held in Amman, Jordan, October 6-9, 2002. The purpose of the paper was to assess the fiscal decentralization framework, and its implementation in Lebanon in light of economic principles and international experiences.
Role of Local Governments: the Lebanese Context [English]. 1998
By Sati Arnaout.
Workshop on Local Government in Post-Conflict Situations: Challenges for Improving Local Decision Making and Service Delivery Capacities [English]. 2007
The July 2006 war in Lebanon provides a case study on how development agencies worked with local government to recover service delivery and to strengthen local planning and decision making processes. It illustrates how international actors responded to a post-conflict situation while building the capacity of local government at the same time. Evidence from Lebanon suggests that supporting local government directly can contribute to the long term sustainability of post-conflict recovery efforts.
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