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Criminal Law Reform in some Arab States [Arabic]. 2009
This book addresses deficiencies and problems facing criminal laws in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco and Yemen, especially with regards to the role of public prosecutions offices in promoting rule of law and human rights protection. The legal experts who drafted this book provided their suggestions and perceptions to reform these laws, in order to comply with the international and human standards.
Human Rights Watch - Establishing the Hariri Tribunal [English][Arabic]. 2006
A Letter to Minister of Justice Mr. Charles Rizk
Judicial Backlog in Lebanon [Arabic]. 1994
The report was originally produced in 1994 with the support of the World Bank and discusses the issue of judicial backlog in Lebanon and its negative effects on the interests and rights of individuals and companies.
Judicial Backlog in Lebanon. [Arabic]. 2005
This study, prepared for the Lebanese Ministry of Justice with the support of the World Bank contains the methodology to collect and analyze data regarding the work-flow and productivity of Lebanese courts. It sheds light on the reasons behind slow movement and accumulation of lawsuits which have contributed to what is known as “judicial backlog".
Judicial Informatics in Lebanon [Arabic].
Judicial informatics is interested in all points of intersection between informatics and judicial work. It aims at serving lawyers and judges by updating, activating, facilitating and accelerating the work of the judiciary in all its agencies and al all levels.
Lebanon - Legal and Judicial Sector Assessment [English]. 2003
This assessment of Lebanon's legal and judicial sector, done to facilitate dialogue on this issue, helps also to define objectives, strategies and action plans for future reforms.
Lebanon - Legal and Judicial Sector Assessment, Vol. 1 [English]. 2005
The institutions of the sector in Lebanon by and large did not function during the civil war period and the rule of law suffered accordingly. The institutional cost associated with the war and its aftermath, such as the atrophying of skills and lack of institutional development, combined with Lebanon ' s continued economic difficulties, have created a long-standing need for investment in human resource development.
Lebanon Judicial Structures [English]. 2001
A chapter of the study "Arab Judicial Structures ".
Public Prosecution Offices - National Report of Lebanon (Preparatory Phase) [English][Arabic]. 2004
State of the Judiciary Report for Lebanon [Arabic]. 2004
Prepared by Mr. Elias Shalhoub - supervision and publication by the Arab Center for the Rule of Law and Integrity and IFES the International Foundation for Election Systems IFES.
State of the Judiciary Report: Lebanon 2004 [Arabic]. 2004
This report contains an overview of the historical, political, social economic and methodical background of Lebanon. It also contains the legal basis of the existing judicial system, and an analysis of the condition of the judiciary. It lists the most important proposed solutions and projects pertaining to improving the judicial systems.
Structure of the Public Prosecution Office in Lebanon [English]. 2004
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