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Human Rights: All Countries (Type: Lessons Learned, Provider: All)

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International - Portability Regimes of Pension and Health Care Benefits for International Migrants: an Analysis of Issues and Good Practices [English]. 2005
This paper explores the current situation against the background of legal provisions and practices through selected case studies from four migrant-sending countries and information about main receiving countries. It explores potential policy options beyond the current best practice and presents policy conclusions and suggested next steps.
UN Agencies - A Thematic Compilation of Executive Committee Conclusions [English]. 2005
This compilation consists of selected paragraphs of the Conclusions of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) Executive Committee grouped by subject. It seeks to show the progressive development of Executive Committee deliberations on a given topic over time, and to add a reference tool to the chronological arrangement of Executive Committee Conclusions already published by UNHCR.
UN Agencies - Advancing Gender Equality – Using CEDAW and UN Security Council Resolution 1325. [English]. 2008
The purpose of this training module, prepared by UNIFEM, is to build the capacity and awareness of gender equality advocates in government and civil society in the Southern Caucasus to advocate for and support the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and UN Security Council resolution 1325 on women, peace and security.
UN Agencies - Handbook on Voluntary Repatriation: International Protection [English]. 1996
This handbook, which is intended to be used with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Training Module on Voluntary Repatriation, aims to provide field staff and UNHCR partners with a practical protection tool, and to promote consistency in international refugee protection and in the practice of agencies working in this area.
UN Agencies - Human Rights and Law Enforcement: A Manual on Human Rights Training for the Police [English][Arabic]. 1997
Professional Training Series No. 5. The Guide offers plans for training sessions on a broad range of human rights issues, group exercises, instructions and tips for trainers. It also provides a number of training tools, such as overhead transparencies, to be used in conducting police training courses.
UN Agencies - HuriLink [English].
HurLink stands for linking human rights into development practice. The HuriLink WebPortal is an on-line tool which presents the experiences and challenges that practitioners face when striving to link human rights and the Millennium Development Goals in their work. It is a resource that has been developed by practitioners, for practitioners in response to a growing demand for more guidance and practical experiences in this area.
UN Agencies - Lessons Learned from Best Practices and Partnerships in the Achievement of Adequate Shelter for All and Sustainable Human Settlements in an Urbanizing World [English][French]. 2000
The document presents recommendations for national governments, local authorities and their partners and the international community to make fuller use of best practices and their lessons learned in support of the implementation of the Habitat Agenda. And, it highlights some milestones and lessons learned in terms of promising policy options and their capacity-building implications.
UN Agencies - Promoting Children's Participation in Democratic Decision-Making [English][French]. 2001
This publication makes the case for a commitment to respecting children’s rights to be heard and the need to consolidate and learn from existing practice. It draws on much of the already published research and thinking in the field and on a wide range of international initiatives. It seeks to provide some practical guidance on the lessons learned to date in working with children as partners.
UN Agencies - Protecting Refugees: A Field Guide for NGOs [English]. 1999
The Field Guide illustrates how protection concerns can follow refugees through every phase of their lives as refugees. In doing so, the Field Guide alerts NGO field workers to signs of possible protection problems during each phase of a refugee’s life and suggests specific actions that could be undertaken to address those problems.
UN Agencies - Strengthening Engagement with the International Human Rights Machinery [English][French].
This Guide is written for the development practitioner - in particular the non-human rights expert. It aims to provide an overview on how to strengthen engagement with the international human rights machinery, specifically with UN Treaty Bodies and UN Special Procedures.
UN Agencies - Women and Children – The Double Dividend of Gender Equality [English]. 2007
This report intends to provide a road map to accelerate progress towards gender equality and empowering women through education, financing, legislation, legislative quotas, engaging men and boys, women empowering women and improved research and data.
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