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Human Rights: All Countries (Type: Guidelines and Policies, Provider: UNDP)

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UN Agencies - Decentralization and Local Governance Enhancement: A Human Rights Checklist [English].
This paper offers brief recommendations for UNDP decentralisation programming in the context of mainstreaming human rights in accordance with the UN Secretary General's programme of UN reform. It provides checklists of questions for use in examining: processes used in the design and management of decentralisation support programmes for consistency with human rights principles; the sensitivity of a country strategy for decentralisation to country context; and the role of UNDP Country Offices in support of decentralisation.
UN Agencies - Decentralized Governance and a Human Rights-based Approach to Development [English].
An essay about the relationship between implementation of decentralization reform and human rights. It represents some of the recent thinking on local institutional development for human rights promotion.
UN Agencies - Empowered and Equal: Gender Equality Strategy 2008-2011 [English]. 2008
The UNDP Gender Equality Strategy is grounded in the premise that the development objective of equality between men and women, or gender equality, is absolutely indivisible from the UNDP human development goal of real improvements in people’s lives and in the choices and opportunities open to them.
UN Agencies - Governance for Sustainable Human Development: A Policy Document [English][Arabic][French]. 1997
This is a basic UNDP policy document on governance, which defines governance and its relationship to human development. The document outlines the priorities of the UNDP in support of good governance and its governance-related programs: the legislature, judiciary, electoral bodies, women's participation, decentralization and local governance, private and public sector management, economic and financial management, and civil society organizations.
UN Agencies - Indicators for Human Rights Based Approaches to Development in UNDP Programming: A Users’ Guide [English]. 2006
The Guide summarizes the normative evolution in human rights and explains how human rights have been mainstreamed into the activities of all United Nations (UN) agencies. It also reviews the existing indicators for human rights and shows how they can be used for human rights programming.
UN Agencies - Integrating Human Rights with Sustainable Human Development [English][French]. 1998
A UNDP Policy Paper that is based on the view that sustainable human development integrates a holistic strategy for development that embraces all human rights-economic, social, cultural, civil and political. The paper discusses ways to mainstream human rights in UNDP's work. The first approach is the support for the institutions of governance, with an emphasis on building the human rights capacity of these institutions and providing direct support to human rights institutions. The second is developing a human rights approach to sustainable human development. The third is contributing to the human rights policy dialogue and UN conference follow-up.
UN Agencies - Programming for Justice: Access for All [English]. 2005
The overall aim of the Practitioner’s Guide is to facilitate programming in access to justice. It describes the goals and scope of the justice sector in line with human development and human rights-based approaches.
UN Agencies - Statement on a Common Understanding of a Human Rights-Based Approach to Development Cooperation [English][French]. 2003
Agreed at the Stamford Interagency Workshop on a Human Rights Based approach in the context of UN reform 3-5 May, 2003. The statement, endorsed by the UNDG Programme Group, outlines a common understanding of the Human Rights Based approach and its implications for development programming to the policy and practice of the UN bodies.
UN Agencies - UNDP Practice Note - Human Rights [English][Arabic][French]. 2005
This paper examines the relationship between human rights and development, and presents an overview of the international machinery for the promotion and protection of human rights. Finally, it guides the reader to some key internal and external human rights resources available to UNDP development practitioners.
UN Agencies - UNDP Practice Note - Poverty Reduction and Human Rights [English]. 2003
This Practice Note outlines a framework for human rights integration in poverty reduction and provides practical steps to guide UNDP programming. The framework is purposely kept generic, as it should be applicable to a range of country situations and programming modalities; whether the focus is on macroeconomics, trade policies, micro-finance, reporting on the Millennium Development Goals, or livelihood skills.
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