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Civil Society: All Countries (Type: Guidelines and Policies, Provider: UNDP)

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UN Agencies - A Guide to Civil Society Organizations Working on Democratic Governance [English]. 2005
The Guide offers a snapshot of more than 300 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working on democratic governance at the global and regional levels. The guide provides information on CSOs across UNDP’s seven priority democratic governance areas or services line. These are: policy support to democratic governance, parliamentary support, electoral systems and processes, justice and human rights, e.governance and access to information, decentralization, public administration reform and anti-corruption.
UN Agencies - A Handbook on Working With Political Parties [English][Arabic]. 2006
Political parties are a keystone of democratic governance. They provide a structure for political participation; serve as a training ground for political leadership; and transform social interests into public policy. The question for development practitioners is how best to work with political parties in addressing the challenges they face. UNDP’s Democratic Governance Group has created A Handbook on Working with Political Parties to help our field offices and partners to address questions regarding assistance to political parties.
UN Agencies - UNDP Policy on Collaboration with Civil Society: Building Partnerships for Sustainable Human Development [English][French]. 1997
The United Nations Development Programme - Civil Society Organizations and Participation Program (UNDP-CSOPP) Policy and procedures documents about UNDP's collaboration with civil society organizations in the framework of sustainable development.
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