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Jordan - Constituent Relations Manual: a Guide to Best Practices [English]. 2008
The National Democratic Institute (NDI) created this guide for elected representatives seeking to effectively organize and carry out their constituent's relations. The guide offers practical approaches and advice gained from the working experiences of legislators around the world.
International - Transition Election and Political Processes in Reconstruction and Stabilization Operations: Lessons Learned [English]. 2007
The guide should inform strategiclevel planning and on-the-ground implementation decisions. It focuses on the election process as well as political parties and voters in pre-election, election-day, and post-election settings. The guide is organized into four sections. The first section presents policy considerations that commonly arise in transitional elections and political processes. The second section presents the elements of strategic planning. The third section highlights best practices in implementation. A final section highlights monitoring and evaluation.
UN Agencies - Elections and Conflict Prevention Guide [English]. 2009
This Guide to Analysis, Planning, and Programming provides readers with practical options and tools for programming design, early warning and conflict tracking. Drawing on seven country case studies (Bangladesh, Ghana, Guyana, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone), it presents lessons learned and good practices from the field in the framework for UN engagement in electoral assistance.
UN Agencies - Electoral Assistance: Ten Years of Experience [English]. 2001
This study was initiated in order to prepare a comprehensive set of electoral assistance lessons learned and recommendations for UNDP country offices. The project was also designed to suggest practical strategies for UNDP Resident Representatives / UN Resident Coordinators and country office staff in the areas of electoral assistance planning and programme execution.
UN Agencies - Essentials: Electoral Assistance [English][French]. 2003
The following five lessons have been drawn from evaluative evidence of UNDP and partner agency experiences since 1999. They are intended as a starting point to guide the multi-faceted planning processes necessary for any electoral assistance.
UN Agencies - Women and Elections: Guide to Promoting the Participation of Women in Elections [English]. 2005
The current handbook is intended to provide a quick reference guide to assist headquarters- and field-based actors from the United Nations, Governments and civil society working to promote greater participation of women in electoral processes in post-conflict countries.
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