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Elections: All Countries (Type: Guidelines and Policies, Provider: UNDP)

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UN Agencies - Electoral Financing to Advance Women's Political Participation: A Guide for UNDP Support [English][Arabic]. 2007
This primer outlines the role of political systems in shaping electoral financing options, and gives a summary of constraints women face.
UN Agencies - Getting to the CORE: A Global Survey on the Cost of Registration and Elections [English]. 2005
This step-by-step guide to election processes around the world explains what measures need to be in place, from voter registration to ballot-box security, and at what price, before the first ballot is cast.
UN Agencies - Note of Guidance on Electoral Assistance [English]. 2010
The Note of Guidance, issued jointly in September 2010 by UNDPA and UNDP, provides the background for the UN’s efforts in providing electoral assistance. It describes the roles of different UN organs in delivering assistance, the types of assistance the UN can provide, and the preconditions required for electoral assistance.
UN Agencies - UNDP Electoral Assistance Implementation Guide [English]. 2007
The guide provides the ‘how to’ fundamentals of planning and implementing electoral assistance using the concept of the electoral cycle, as well as specific guidance on project design, resources, partnerships, procurement, evaluation and other areas. Whilst this is designed as a guide for UNDP staff, others can learn from UNDP’s approach and access a wealth of resources on planning, formulating, implementing and monitoring electoral assistance.
UN Agencies - UNDP Practice Note - Electoral Systems and Processes [English][Arabic][French]. 2004
A United Nations Development Programme note that focuses on different aspects of electoral assistance such as local elections, civic education and strengthening political parties. The note also underlines the role that the UNDP plays in resource mobilization and coordination, support to electoral management bodies and processes such as voter registration.
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