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UN Agencies - Advancing Gender Equality – Using CEDAW and UN Security Council Resolution 1325. [English]. 2008
The purpose of this training module, prepared by UNIFEM, is to build the capacity and awareness of gender equality advocates in government and civil society in the Southern Caucasus to advocate for and support the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and UN Security Council resolution 1325 on women, peace and security.
UN Agencies - Al Kashef [Arabic]. 2006
This booklet includes 8 chapters: - Sex and Gender - Social Role and Gender - Social and Psychological environment and gender roles - Concept of Development - Gender as part of Development - Gender Analysis - Strategies of Gender Mainstreaming in Development - Implementation, monitoring and evaluation
UN Agencies - Political Capacity Building Manual [English]. 2005
This Manual contain ten booklets : -Communication Skills with the public -Principles of Protocol and Etiquette -Successful Meeting -Building Electoral Coalitions -Principles of Delegating Authority -Capacity Building for Women -Skills to Attract Voters and Influence Them -Principles of Modern Management Transformation to Successful Leadership -Women and Citizenship -Dealing with Conflicts and Problem Solving.
UN Agencies - Resource Guide for Gender Theme Groups [English]. 2005
This guide contains information based on feedback from theme groups in more than 30 countries. It synthesizes the opportunities and challenges that exist to promote gender equality and women’s human rights in the context of UN reform and greater coordination among wide-ranging development actors.
UN Agencies - Taking Gender Equality Seriously: Making Progress, Meeting New Challenges [English]. 2006
The United Nations Development Programme, along with many other UN organizations, bilateral development agencies, and non-governmental organizations, has adopted a gender mainstreaming strategy as a way of ensuring that women as well as men benefit from programme and policy support. This booklet provides examples that show that mainstreaming achieves results when resources, capacity, commitment and management support all converge in a strategic area.
UN Agencies - Woman Management Skills [English]. 2005
The Women Management Skills Manual is divided into six chapters: - Strategic Planning and Projects' Formulation - Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills - Lobbying - Leadership Skills - Negotiation Skills - Communication Skills
UN Agencies - Women and Children – The Double Dividend of Gender Equality [English]. 2007
This report intends to provide a road map to accelerate progress towards gender equality and empowering women through education, financing, legislation, legislative quotas, engaging men and boys, women empowering women and improved research and data.
UN Agencies - World's Women 2006: Progress in Statistics [English]. 2006
This report is intended as a guide to help Governments and other stakeholders strengthen statistical systems, mainstream gender statistics, and further develop concepts and methods for collecting statistics on gender concerns.
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