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Gender: All Countries (Type: Guidelines and Policies, Provider: UNDP)

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UN Agencies - A Users' Guide to Measuring Gender-Sensitive Basic Service Delivery [English]. 2009
The Guide is produced as part of a UNIFEM, UNDP, and Gender at Work initiative called Gender and Democratic Governance in Development, which aims to improve the governance of basic services provision to women.
UN Agencies - Electoral Financing to Advance Women's Political Participation: A Guide for UNDP Support [English][Arabic]. 2007
This primer outlines the role of political systems in shaping electoral financing options, and gives a summary of constraints women face.
UN Agencies - Empowered and Equal: Gender Equality Strategy 2008-2011 [English]. 2008
The UNDP Gender Equality Strategy is grounded in the premise that the development objective of equality between men and women, or gender equality, is absolutely indivisible from the UNDP human development goal of real improvements in people’s lives and in the choices and opportunities open to them.
UN Agencies - Gender Equality and Justice Programming: Equitable Access to Justice for Women [English][Arabic][French]. 2007
This primer outlines the major obstacles and barriers women face in accessing justice and suggests strategies and interventions to overcome these challenges.
UN Agencies - Gender Responsive E-governance: Exploring the Transformative Potential [English][Arabic][French]. 2009
This primer highlights some of the key gender-related issues regarding e-governance, presents entry points for continued programming on gender and e-governance, and makes recommendations for closing the existing gender gap in specific e-governance interventions.
UN Agencies - Gender Thematic Guidance Note [English]. 2003
This Thematic Guidance Note examines a number of National Human Development Reports (NHDRs) addressing the issue of gender equality within the human development perspective. While similarities in policy environments and the manifestations of gender inequalities exist in many countries, this note nonetheless recognizes the unique intersection of challenges faced by each country or region.
UN Agencies - Memorandum: Policy on Gender Balance in Management (Phase II): 1998 - 2001 [English]. 1998
This document lays out UNDP's strategy for achieving gender balance in its work force, especially the advancement of women in senior management cadres.
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