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Egypt - Performance Based Budgeting from a Gender Perspective- Egypt [Arabic]. 2004
The following resource book, produced by the Public Administration Research and Consultation Centre (PARC) of Cairo University in collaboration with the Egyptian National Council for women, explains performance based budgeting and ways of integrating gender into those budgets.  The book also provides a number of examples and practical tools.
International - Ten Years of Strengthening Parliaments in Africa 1991-2000: Lessons Learnt and the Way Forward. Report of a Joint IPU/UNDP Survey [English]. 2003
This joint IPU - UNDP publication is aimed at securing a better understanding of the relatively new area of assistance to national parliamentary institutions. It presents the findings of a survey of programmes of assistance to African parliaments in the 1990s.
International - Vital Resources for Parliamentary Researchers: Perspectives and Experience from Around the World [English]. 2005
This document collects reflections and analyzes from legislative research services around the world on the challenges they have faced in providing responsive and high-quality analysis in the unique and demanding environment of a modern parliament, and the lessons they have learned.
UN Agencies - Advancing Gender Equality – Using CEDAW and UN Security Council Resolution 1325. [English]. 2008
The purpose of this training module, prepared by UNIFEM, is to build the capacity and awareness of gender equality advocates in government and civil society in the Southern Caucasus to advocate for and support the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and UN Security Council resolution 1325 on women, peace and security.
UN Agencies - Women and Elections: Guide to Promoting the Participation of Women in Elections [English]. 2005
The current handbook is intended to provide a quick reference guide to assist headquarters- and field-based actors from the United Nations, Governments and civil society working to promote greater participation of women in electoral processes in post-conflict countries.
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