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Egypt - Decentralization in Egypt: The First Steps have been Taken [English]. 1998
By William F. Fox and el Sayed Ghanim, August 1998. This paper discusses some of the basic characteristics necessary for a devolved system. Then it moves to describe the existing government structure and fiscal system in Egypt .The authors also address the fiscal decentralization that is occurring out side the governmental structures in Egypt.
Egypt - Decentralization in Egypt: The First steps have been Taken [English]. 1998
By Fox, Williams, and Ghanim el Sayed, August, 1998.
Egypt - Egypt - Human Development Report 2002 - 2003 [English]. 2003
Local Participatory Development.
Egypt - Impact of Decentralization, in its Different Types, on Poverty Reduction [English]. 2000
Von Braun, Joach and Grote, Center for Development Research (ZEF-Bonn) University of Bonn, Ulrike, Does Decentralization Serve the Poor? November, 2000. The Lecture was given during the IMF conference on Fiscal Decentralization, held on the 20-21 November, 2000. The paper contains references to Egypt.
Iraq - Iraq Local Governance Program - 2007 Annual Report [English]. 2008
This report for 2007 highlights some of the progress that is being achieved and illustrates the emergence of local government in Iraq as a functioning and vital element in the country’s progress and its future. It is also intended to provide a record that celebrates the insights, efforts, and dedicated leadership of each USAID/Baghdad Administration since 2003, and the joint quest to improve the human condition.
Jordan - Report on the 2007 Municipal Elections in Jordan [English][Arabic]. 2007
This is the report of the Amman Center for Human Rights Studies on the municipal elections held in Jordan on 31 July 2007.
Lebanon - Fiscal Decentralization in Lebanon [English]. 1998
By Sami Attallah - Efficiency and Participation workshop - Local Governance in the MENA Region, Marrakesh, Morocco, Sept. 3-6, 1998.
Lebanon - How Well is Lebanon Fiscally Decentralized? [English]. 2002
A paper presented by Sami Atallah at the Fourth Mediterranean Development Forum, held in Amman, Jordan, October 6-9, 2002. The purpose of the paper was to assess the fiscal decentralization framework, and its implementation in Lebanon in light of economic principles and international experiences.
Lebanon - Role of Local Governments: the Lebanese Context [English]. 1998
By Sati Arnaout.
Lebanon - Workshop on Local Government in Post-Conflict Situations: Challenges for Improving Local Decision Making and Service Delivery Capacities [English]. 2007
The July 2006 war in Lebanon provides a case study on how development agencies worked with local government to recover service delivery and to strengthen local planning and decision making processes. It illustrates how international actors responded to a post-conflict situation while building the capacity of local government at the same time. Evidence from Lebanon suggests that supporting local government directly can contribute to the long term sustainability of post-conflict recovery efforts.
Libya - Libya - Human Development Report 2002 [Arabic]. 2002
Decentralization This report is limited to an evaluation of the decentralization of the communities system, its importance and prospects for promoting human development.
Mauritania - European Union - Final Report on the Mauritanian Legislative and Municipal Elections 2006 and Presidential Elections 2007 [Arabic][French]. 2007
This is the final report of the European Union Election Observation Mission on the Mauritanian Legislative and Municipal Elections 2006 and Presidential Elections 2007.
Mauritania - Mauritania: Urban Infrastructure and Pilot Decentralization Project [English]. 2003
This information brief reports on the impact of the Urban Infrastructure and Pilot Decentralization Project that was implemented between 1996 and 2001, with World Bank funding of US$24 million. It also lists lessons learned from this experience.
Morocco - Administrative Reform in Morocco [French].
By the Ministry of Public Function and Administrative Reforms, Miniistere de la Fonction Publique et de la Reforme Administrative.
Morocco - Decentralization and Local Government - Kingdom of Morocco [English][French].
Overview of the policies, constraints and evaluation of the process of decentralization in Morocco from "Online Sourcebook on Decentralization and Local Development."
Morocco - Morocco - Administrative Decentralization [French]. 2002
By the Ministry of Public Function and Administrative Reforms, Miniistere de la Fonction Publique et de la Reforme Administrative, presented at the National Workshop on Administrative Reform "Colloque Nationale sur le Reforme Administrative", Rabat, Morocco, May 7-8, 2002.
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Decentralization and Intergovernmental Finance in the Palestinian Authority [English]. 2002
by Sewell, David, June 5, 2002
Occupied Palestinian Territories - Local Government in the West Bank and Gaza [English]. 1991
Discussion of local government at MDF 1 - Knowledge and Skills for Development in the Information Age, Marrakech, Morocco, May 12-17, 1997.
Saudi Arabia - Municipal Elections in Saudi Arabia 2005 [English]. 2005
This report discusses the first municipal elections in Saudi Arabia, and despite the weak prerogatives the municipal councils hold and the non-participation of women, both government and citizens see the municipal elections as a first step in a long process of necessary reforms.
Sudan - Peasant Organization, Participation and the State: Two Case Studies from Rural Sudan [English]. 2002
By Khalid A. El Amin in Peasant Organizations and the Democratization Process in Africa, 2002.
Sudan - Southern Sudan Local Governance in Complex Environments Project Assessment [English]. 2010
The findings presented in this report are the result of an assessment that was conducted by an independent consultant on two -Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund (DGTTF) - funded projects in Southern Sudan in 2005 and 2008. The report indicated that the national government faced major challenges to the improvement of governance at a national level, including a process of decentralization of government that would be sufficient to allow for community-led recovery with strong civil society participation. More equitable distribution of the national wealth and public resources would be required to enable state and local governments to fulfill their service delivery responsibilities, and provide better education, health care, water and sanitation access in underdeveloped regions
Yemen - Yemen Political, Administrative, and Fiscal Reform [English].
A brief review of UNDP's assistance to the government of Yemen in designing national governance programme encompassing the executive, legislative, and judicial branches and managed through the Prime Minister's Office. A key aspect of this support focused on assistance to the decentralization process.
Arab Countries - Decentralized Governance for Development in The Arab States [English]. 2003
The UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States (RBAS), took the initiative to organize a regional forum with the aim of providing a platform for dialogue amongst all stakeholders, in the region, and offering a space for sharing knowledge, lessons learned and good practices, in an effort to contribute to decentralizing governance for human development, as well as develop an agenda for decentralization taking into consideration the challenges, needs and priorities prevailing in the Arab region. This background paper was prepared for this forum and discusses the areas of decentralization, policies, legal frameworks, programs, and lessons learned and good practices.
Arab Countries - Globalization, Structural Adjustment and Transformations in Rural Societies in Arab Mediterranean [English][Arabic]. 2000
Comparative research with the Northern Rim of the Mediterranean Sea.
Arab Countries - Women in Deserts and Marginalized Rural Areas [Arabic]. 2005
North Africa - African Decentralization: Local Actors, Powers and Accountability [English]. 2002
This review focuses on local government and local institutions, as they are the key recipients of decentralized powers. It examines design and implementation issues emerging in decentralization and identifies fruitful areas for policy research and analysis in this critical governance domain.
International - Concept of Fiscal Decentralization and Worldwide Overview [English]. 2001
By Robert D. Ebel and Serdar Yilmaz.
International - Decentralization and Corruption: Evidence Across Countries [English]. 2000
by Fisman, Raymond and Gatti, Roberta, February 2000. A General paper, that examine the cross relation between fiscal decentralization and corruption. The paper contains references to some Arab countries.
International - Decentralization and the Quality of Government [English]. 2000
The paper, focused on the degree of political decentralization, argues that the way states are structured is a factor between governments that are corrupt and others that are honest, efficient and responsive.
International - Decentralization, Local Power and Women’s Rights: Global Trends in Participation, Representation and Access to Public Services [English]. 2008
Summary report on the outcomes and recommendations of a conference sponsored by the International Development Research Center (IDRC) on women's political participation and access to public services within a decentralization framework. It highlights the impact of decentralization on excluded groups, including women, and offers recommendations on strategies and policies related to decentralization and local government.
International - Democratic Local Governance Activity: Final Report [English]. 2005
The present report discusses the Democratic Local Governance Activity, managed by Research Triangle Institute, as contracted by the United States Agency for International Development This project began on November 21, 2002, and concluded on February 28, 2005.
International - Digital Governance in Municipalities Worldwide (2003) - A Longitudinal Assessment of Municipal Websites throughout the World [English]. 2003
This research evaluates the current practice of digital governance in large municipalities worldwide. It focuses on the evaluation of current practice from the perspective of the government, and it emphasizes on the evaluation of each Web site in terms of digital governance.
International - Digital Governance in Municipalities Worldwide (2005) - A Longitudinal Assessment of Municipal Websites throughout the World [English]. 2006
The present survey evaluates the practice of digital governance in large municipalities worldwide in 2005. It focuses on the evaluation of current practices in government, and the emphasis of the research was on the evaluation of each website in terms of digital governance.
International - Global Urban and Local Government Strategy - Cities in Transition [English]. 2000
Executive summary and full text of the report and the executive summary of the World Bank March 2000 publication, Cities in Transition: A Strategic View of Urban and Local Government Issues.
International - Local Government and Public Reform Service Initiative  [English].
The Local Government and Public Reform Service Initiative aims at the development of democratic and effective government at sub-national levels. Its primary mission is to foster cross-border cooperation and to support and circulate policy studies which should have a significant impact on public policy reform. The development of democratic and effective government at sub-national levels remains one of the central tasks of the transition. The sharing of expertise between countries can contribute significantly to the reform process in the region. 
International - New Partnerships Initiative - Local Capacity Building [English]. 1997
The New Partnership Initiative Resource Guide chapter on Capacity Building which is based on the principle that an effective capacity building is critical to creating a capable civil society, in the business and local governance sectors and to achieving effective collaborative action among these three sectors.
International - Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development - Fiscal Decentralization Initiative [English][French].
The main objectives of the OECD's Fiscal Decentralization Initiative (FDI) are: to encourage local democracies to improve the capacity of local governments to plan and administer expenditures and raise revenues; and to support local governments in their efforts to become more responsive and accountable to their constituencies.
International - Tools to Support Transparency in Local Governance [English]. 2004
This toolkit argues that the quality of urban governance means the difference between cities characterized by prosperity and inclusiveness and cities characterized by decline and social exclusion. It provides tools to increase transparency and maintains that increased transparency can help combat urban poverty and enhance civic engagement.
International - United Cities and Local Government-Global Programme on Women in Local Decision-Making  [English][French].
Global Programme on Women in Local Decision-Making aims to promote the participation of women in local decision-making and to fill the information gap on the status of women in local government. 
International - Women in Local Governments in Asia and the Pacific: A Comparative Analysis of Thirteen Countries [English]. 2001
The presentation, published by the Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics, includes a comparative analysis of 13 countries in Asia and the Pacific on women in local government. It highlights regional and country-level strategies for increasing women's involvement.
International - World Bank: Community Driven Development  [English].
CDD is an approach that gives control over planning decisions and investment resources to community groups and local governments. It operates on the principles of local empowerment, participatory governance, administrative autonomy, greater downward accountability, and enhanced local capacity.
UN Agencies - Activities of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme: Progress Report [English][Arabic][French]. 2000
UN Agencies - Consultations on Decentralization and the Strengthening of Local Authorities and their Networks for Implementation of the Habitat Agenda [English][French]. 2000
UN Agencies - Decentralization and Human Development: Findings and Recommendations from a Review of National Human Development Reports [English]. 2006
This study addresses decentralization in specific countries and communities from a human development perspective. The study also offers a summary of general findings and recommendations striving to improve the effectiveness of human development-based decentralization processes and policy analysis.
UN Agencies - Decentralization and Human Rights: A Systemic Approach [English]. 2003
This paper offers recommendations for decentralization programming in the context of mainstreaming human rights. It examines the meaning, rationale, and significance of a human rights-based approach to development assistance as it applies to programming to support decentralization and local government.
UN Agencies - Decentralization and the Emerging Role of Municipalities in the ESCWA Region [English][Arabic]. 2001
This study reviews policies adopted and action taken with respect to decentralization in the countries of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) Region. It addresses the issue at two levels: national or macro level and urban or micro level. The study builds on previous research undertaken on urban governance and urban management in the ESCWA region, where different models of partnership between local authorities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community groups were explored.
UN Agencies - Draft Report on Global Workshop on UNDP - MIT Decentralized Governance Research Project [English]. 1998
Workshop on UNDP/MIT Decentralized Governance Research Project, Amman, Jordan. June, 14 - 16, 1998. A joint project of the United Nations Development Programme and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
UN Agencies - Fiscal Decentralization and Poverty Reduction [English]. 2005
This paper provides an introduction to the main principles of fiscal decentralization, to examine linkages between poverty reduction and fiscal decentralization, to briefly describe major comparative experiences, and to clarify United Nations De
UN Agencies - Impact of Decentralization and Privatization on Municipal Services [English][French]. 2001
Report for discussion at the Joint Meeting on the Impact of Decentralization and Privatization on Municipal Services, Geneva, 15-19 October 2001.
UN Agencies - Intensifying Dialogue on Effective Decentralization and Strengthening of Local Authorities [Within the Framework of Implementation of the Habitat Agenda] [English][Arabic][French]. 2001
UN Agencies - Participatory Evaluation in Programmes Involving Governance Decentralization [English]. 1996
This paper presents arguments to support programmes and projects involving some form of governance decentralization, and examines alternative approaches to the evaluation of the performance of such programmes.
UN Agencies - Urbanization and Urban Research in the Arab World [English][Arabic][French]. 1995
An overview of urban research projects in Arab cities by Mostafa Kharoufi, 1995. From UNESCO's Management of Social Transformations- MOST Clearinghouse.
UN Agencies - World Bank Institute: Intergovernmental Fiscal Relationships and Local Financial Management Program [English]. 2001
Middle East - Reflection on the best Practices in Governance in the ESCWA Countries [English]. 2002
By Fawaz, Mona, April 7-10, 2002. This Paper was presented during the Fourth Mediterranean Development Forum, held in Amman, Jordan, from October 6-9, 2002.
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