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Jordan - Administrative Reforms, 1998 [English]. 1998
A summary of the Jordan Case Study "Decentralized Good Governance" that was prepared by Jordan Institute of Public Administration under the UNDP Decentralized Governance Research Programme, 1998.
International - Institution Building Through Sustained Partnership [English].
A process documentation report of Lessons Learned from Involuntary Settlement and Rehabilitation Training. The report treats the critical issues to be considered when developing partnerships. The lessons learned from the experiences of the Involuntary Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R;) training program sponsored by the World Bank Institute (WBI) of the World Bank constitute the basis for this report.
International - Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative - Decentralization: Experiments and Reforms [English]. 1999
The Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative was launched in January 1997 by the Board of the Open Society Institute-Budapest. The publication cover case studies on decentralization mostly in the context of countries in Eastern Europe.
International - The Challenge of Urban Government Policies and Practices Vol.1 [English]. 2001
The World Bank Institute (WBI) has launched its program on Urban Challenges of the 21st Century, under which it developed a number of courses on urban and city management that have been conducted worldwide. This book results from the first such course, and corresponds to the course's ten modules, which include topics such as globalization and city management, city strategy and local governance and urban financial management.
International - United Nations Human Settlements Programme - Best Practices Database in Improving the Living Environment [English].
A global network of institutions dedicated to the identification and exchange of successful solutions for sustainable development. The database contains proven solutions from around the world to the common social, economic and environmental problems of an urbanizing world. It demonstrates the practical ways in which communities, governments and the private sector are working together to improve governance, eradicate poverty, provide access to shelter, land and basic services, protect the environment and support economic development.
UN Agencies - Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme - Urban Policies and Enabling Legislation [English].
HABITAT's three working papers on urban policies and enabling legislation; guidelines for documenting and reviewing urban policies and enabling legislation.
UN Agencies - Decentralized Governance Monograph- A Global Sampling of Experiences [English].
The book provides experiences and lessons from an array of field examples throughout various regions in the developing world and a host of print and electronic resources devoted to the subject of decentralization.
UN Agencies - Factors to Consider in Designing Decentralized Governance Policies and Programs to Achieve Sustainable People-Centered Development [English]. 1998
Stressing the point that in designing decentralization strategies it is important to ensure adequate processes of accountability, transparency and responsiveness by all societal actors.
UN Agencies - Gender and Decentralization: Promoting Women's Participation in Local Councils [English]. 2000
The case study of Uganda, aims to create awareness at the community level on the need to support and enable women to effectively utilize the opportunities to participate in local level decision-making processes.
UN Agencies - Innovative Policies and Practices in Local Governance [English]. 1996
Report of the United Nations Global Forum on the Innovative Policies and Practices in Local Governance, Gothenburg, Sweden, 23-27 September 1996
UN Agencies - Participatory Local Governance- LIFE Technical Advisory Paper 1 - Methods and Experience 1992-1997 [English]. 1997
The document analyzes the method and experience of the UNDP Local Initiative Facility for Urban Environment (LIFE) from September 1992-May 1997. It reviews the LIFE process as a facilitator of participatory local governance through local dialogue.
UN Agencies - Step By Step Guidelines to Implement the LIFE Programme - Case Studies [English].
LIFE is UNDP's Local Initiative Facility for Urban Environment.
UN Agencies - The Role of Participation and Partnership in Decentralized Governance: A Brief Synthesis of Policy Lessons and Recommendations of Nine Country Case Studies on Service Delivery for the Poor [English]. 2003
The paper provides a synthesis of key policy lessons and recommendations of nine case studies of decentralized governance. The UNDP-MIT Global Research Programme on Decentralized Governance - Bureau for Development Policy.
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