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Local Government: All Countries (Type: Guidelines and Policies, Provider: UNDP)

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UN Agencies - A Users' Guide to Measuring Local Governance [English]. 2009
This guide is intended to respond to an increasing demand from a wide range of national stakeholders for guidance on the multiplicity of tools and methods that are being used to measure, assess and monitor governance at the local level. The guide contains an extensive source guide with more than 20 ready-made tools for assessing local governance.
UN Agencies - Decentralization and Local Governance Enhancement: A Human Rights Checklist [English].
This paper offers brief recommendations for UNDP decentralisation programming in the context of mainstreaming human rights in accordance with the UN Secretary General's programme of UN reform. It provides checklists of questions for use in examining: processes used in the design and management of decentralisation support programmes for consistency with human rights principles; the sensitivity of a country strategy for decentralisation to country context; and the role of UNDP Country Offices in support of decentralisation.
UN Agencies - Decentralized Governance and a Human Rights-based Approach to Development [English].
An essay about the relationship between implementation of decentralization reform and human rights. It represents some of the recent thinking on local institutional development for human rights promotion.
UN Agencies - Decentralized Governance Country Thematic Assessment Framework and Guidelines [English]. 1998
UN Agencies - Decentralized Governance Programme: Strengthening Capacity for People-Centered Development [English]. 1997
The document outlines the objectives, strategy, and implementation arrangements for a global advocacy programme for decentralized governance,
UN Agencies - Report of the United Nations Global Forum on Innovative Policies and Practices in Local Governance [English]. 1996
The report of the United Nations Global Forum on Innovative Policies and Practices in Local Governance, Sweden 23-27 September 1996.
UN Agencies - Statement on a Common Understanding of a Human Rights-Based Approach to Development Cooperation [English][French]. 2003
Agreed at the Stamford Interagency Workshop on a Human Rights Based approach in the context of UN reform 3-5 May, 2003. The statement, endorsed by the UNDG Programme Group, outlines a common understanding of the Human Rights Based approach and its implications for development programming to the policy and practice of the UN bodies.
UN Agencies - Step By Step Guidelines to Implement the LIFE Programme [English]. 1997
Local Initiative Facility for Urban Environment promotes local dialogue and collaborations between various groups at all levels to improve urban environmental conditions which eventually lead to appropriate changes in policies and functioning styles.
UN Agencies - UNDP Practice Note - Decentralized Governance for Development [English]. 2004
This note provides guidance to country offices on how to operationalize a holistic approach to the design; implementation and monitoring Decentralized Government for Development (DGD) initiatives in areas where the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) can make a difference. The current Note provides concrete examples from multi-country experiences to reinforce such guidance.
UN Agencies - UNDP Practice Note - Public Administration Reform [English][Arabic][French]. 2004
This note identifies a niche for UNDP in public administration reform which is comprised, in summary, of a focus on open government and decentralization as the twin pillars of UNDP's pro-poor and human rights-based approach to development.
UN Agencies - Users' Guide to Measuring Public Administration Performance [English]. 2009
This Guide responds to a growing demand for more operational and nationally-owned measurement tools for public administration. It critically reviews the existing assessment tools and information sources which are readily accessible online. It provides practical guidance drawing on scenarios, and provides an exhaustive inventory of existing assessment tools and methodologies.
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