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International - Global Best Practices: A Model State of the Judiciary Report. A Strategic Tool for Promoting, Monitoring and Reporting on Judicial Integrity Reforms [English][French]. 2004
The authors argue that one of the best ways to promote the implementation of key priority judicial reforms particularly those related to transparency and accountability in the judiciary, are to democratize the judiciary by providing the public with quality information on the state of the judiciary through annual, systematic, prioritized monitoring and reporting tools.
International - Global Best Practices: Constitutional Courts, Judicial Independence and the Rule of Law [English]. 2004
This paper is a cursory survey of the global landscape of Constitutional Courts and Tribunals with constitutional review powers from the perspective of international, regional and national principles on judicial independence and accountability, integrity and democratic development.
International - Global Best Practices: Judicial Integrity Standards and Consensus Principles [English]. 2004
This paper contains a set of set of core, consensus principles and best practices that can be used to assess systematically the degree of independence of judiciaries worldwide: the Judicial Integrity Principles [JIP].
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