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UN Agencies - Gender Equality and Justice Programming: Equitable Access to Justice for Women [English][Arabic][French]. 2007
This primer outlines the major obstacles and barriers women face in accessing justice and suggests strategies and interventions to overcome these challenges.
UN Agencies - Programming for Justice: Access for All [English]. 2005
The overall aim of the Practitioner’s Guide is to facilitate programming in access to justice. It describes the goals and scope of the justice sector in line with human development and human rights-based approaches.
UN Agencies - UNDP Practice Note - Access to Justice [English]. 2004
This practice note is intended to suggest strategies for UNDP support to access to justice, particularly for the poor and disadvantaged. Part II emphasizes the need to focus on capacities to seek and provide remedies for. Part III sets out principles for action, approaches and techniques that can be used by UNDP practitioners involved in access to justice programming. Part III highlights issues related to monitoring and evaluation. Part IV suggests ways to capitalize on UNDP’s advantage as an impartial and trusted partner of developing countries, and suggests possible entry points for programming. Part V lists knowledge resources for practitioners engaged in access to justice programming
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