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The indicators and statistics POGAR presents in this page are a small subset of the available data users can find online. We present these indicators and statistics as an illustration of the quantitative dimensions of the governance themes discussed on our pages.

You may choose any one of the main categories from the list on the left to get to the indicators we have selected. Once you choose an indicator you will get the data set, chart, definition and indicator’s source. You may also compare up to 6 countries and generate a chart on any indicator.

A very useful publication on governance indicators that also brings together both "where to find" and "how to use" material on sources of governance indicators, we recommend is Governance Indicators: A Users' Guide (2nd Edition).

For in-depth and comprehensive access to other indicators and statistics data-sets we recommend a number of sources:

  • Bertelsmann Transformation Index
  • Freedom House
  • International Monetary Fund - International Financial Statistics
  • Transparency International
  • United Nations Development Programme - Human Development Reports
  • United Nations Statistical Yearbook
  • World Bank - Knowledge Assessment Methodology (KAM)
  • World Bank - Millennium Development Goals Indicators
  • World Bank - World Development Indicators
  • World Bank - Worldwide Governance Indicators