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  • Judicial/Legal Effectiveness (JLEI)

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Judicial/Legal Effectiveness (JLEI) - 2004
Percentage firms in the country giving satisfactory ratings to questions on judicial independence, judicial bribery, quality of legal framework, property protection, parliament and police effectiveness. The theoretical range of the index is 0 - 100% and a higher value implies a higher ethical standard rating given by the country's enterprise sector. The percentage value reflects the share of the country's enterprises providing a satisfactory rating. Given the margin of error in this type of index, comparisons between countries have to be made with caution.
Source: World Bank

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- 2004

Country Value
Algeria 31.78
Bahrain 57.16
Egypt 46.87
Jordan 66.97
Morocco 52.22
Tunisia 65.11
United Arab Emirates 66.89