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Human Rights: Morocco (Type: All Types (Links))

Advisory Council on Human Rights [Arabic][French].
This council was established by the King. It is a national, non-partisan, and independent institution entrusted with the tasks of advising, proposing and taking initiatives to defend and to protect human rights. The council has established constructive relations with both the political and civil communities by following an open and responsive policy, while preserving its own independence.
Association of Families of Prisoners and Missing Persons of the Sahara [English][Arabic][French].
Calls for the Liberation of the Western Sahara ( occupied territories) and defends the victims of torture and political detention.
Committee for the Defense of Human Rights [English].
CDDH is an international non-governmental organization aiming to protect and promote human rights, and ensure dignity, liberty, equality and justice for the human development.
Ennakhil Association for Women and Children [French].
The Association is an independent, non-profit NGO in the Tensift-El Haouze region in the south of Morocco. Its aim is to improve the social, legal, economic and sanitary situation of women and children by offering a framework for reflection and resolution of problems.
Human Rights Information Network in Morocco [Arabic].
The network is a central repository for human rights information and websites in Arabic throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
Moroccan Association for the Defense of Human Rights [Arabic][French].
The objective of the Moroccan Association of the Defense of Human Rights (ASDHOM) is to inform the public opinion on all human rights violations and the defense of the victims of such repression and injustice.
Moroccan Association for the Development of Rural Women .
The association is a non-governmental organization that is active in the struggle against illiteracy, raising awareness, promoting political participation and establishing income-generating projects for women.
Moroccan Forum for Truth and Justice [French].
The objective of the Moroccan Forum for Truth and Justice is; to establish some truth around the circumstance and the reasons of human rights violations, to make some judicial and institutional reforms to restore human rights, and to help the victims of such violations and give them moral and material compensation.
Moroccan Organization of Human Rights [Arabic].
The Organization aims to disseminate and expand awareness of human rights, and attempts to promote citizen education and the rule of law.
Movement Against Racism and for People's Friendship [French].
National Union of Moroccan Women [English][Arabic][French].
The activities of the Union focus on education and training of urban and rural women. National Union of Moroccan Women (UNFM) organizes literacy campaigns, it is active in the field of distributing information, legal advice and setting up socio-economic projects for women.
Women's Research, Information and Training Agency .
Women's Research, Information and Training Agency (A.R.I.F.F.) was founded to inform and train women in Morocco, to promote their political and economical participation and to strengthen their capacities to ensure a sustainable development based on peace.
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