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Anti-Corruption: Morocco (Type: All Types (Links))

Central Commission for Preventing Bribery .
The Central Commission for Preventing Bribery was established by Decree No. (2.05.1228) of 2007 to be under the authority of the prime minister. The Commission coordinates and supervises policies related to prevention of bribery. It also follows up the implementation of those policies and publishes information on bribery prevention efforts. The Commission suggests anti-bribery policies to the government, particularly with regard to cooperation between the public and private sectors. It also proposes measures for raising public awareness on bribery and contributes to enhancing international cooperation for combating bribery. The Commission assesses employed measures and implements government policy in the area of bribery prevention. The head of the Commission is Mr. Abdel Salam Abu Drar.
Court of Audit [Arabic][French].
Transparency Morocco [French].
Transparency Morocco (Association Marocaine de lutte contre la corruption) was officially founded in 1996 by a group of citizens to face an alarming situation of corruption and lack of transparency, ethics and good governance. The organization has been a TI National Chapter since 1999.
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