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Human Rights: Syria (Type: All Types (Links))

Arab Organization for Human Rights in Syria [Arabic].
AOHR in Syiria is an independent non-governmental organization working for the protection of human rights in Syria and the Arab countries, it is also a member of the regional Arab Organization for Human Rights located in Cairo.
Committees for the Defense of Democracy Freedoms and Human Rights in Syria [Arabic].
This non-governmental organization is a member of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, the International Federation for Human Rights, the International Organization Against Torture and the International Criminal Court. It is also a member of The Federation of Human Rights Centers in the Arab World, The Arab Network for Monitoring Elections and the Alliance of Arab Organizations that support the signing of the Rome Statue pertaining to the provisions of the International Criminal Court.
Committees for the Defense of Democratic Liberties and Human Rights in Syria .
The Committees call for the release of all prisoners of thought and for ending arbitrary detentions and torture and restoring civil rights.
Damascus Center for Theoretical and Civil Rights Studies [English][Arabic].
The center is an independent organization for scientific and theoretic research , and consider itself as a reflect and support of the civil society in Syria via the defense of political, economical, social and cultural basic common rights in the country.
Follow Up Committee for the Cases of the Detainees, Deportees and Persons with Denied Nationalities and Civil Rights [English][Arabic].
The committee is specialized with defending and monitoring human rights violations in Syria.
Free Syria [Arabic].
A movement that follows up on the basic needs for Syrians in the civil society. Free Syrians work within the context of the laws, constitution, community values and the principles of the International Conventions of Human Rights.
Human Rights Association In Syria [Arabic].
The association aims to monitor and document any violation of human rights occurring within the Syrian Arab Republic. It also educates the community about human rights principles and values and promotes the ideals of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other related human rights conventions.
Human Rights Information Network in Syria [Arabic].
The network is a central repository for human rights information and websites in Arabic throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
National Council For Truth, Justice & Reconciliation In Syria [English][Arabic].
The council is dedicated for defending human rights in Syria and for monitoring the violations against human rights that are committed by the Syrian Regime. The Association is based in France.
National Organization for Human Rights in Syria [Arabic].
Nissa Souria  [Arabic].
 A futuristic project that aims at monitoring the conditions of Syrian society in all respects, with special emphasis on issues of discrimination against women and children.
Support Kurds in Syria [English].
Reports on the human rights of Kurds in Syria and works in collaboration with individuals and organizations to bring about basic human rights for Kurds in Syria.
YASA - Kurdish Centre for Legal Studies & Consultancy [English][Arabic].
YASA is a non-governmental and non-profit organization working to promote and advance human rights to Kurds in their country of origin and in the Diaspora. YASA was founded in August 2005, in Bonn, works for the interests of Kurds in the areas of human rights, integration and culture.
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