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Civil Society: Syria (Type: All Types (Links))

Arab Ba’th Socialist Party [English][Arabic][French].
Civil Affairs Department [English][Arabic].
Lawyers Syndicate - Damascus Chapter [Arabic].
This web-site publishes the most important and most recent laws, legislation, decrees and judicial interpretation.
Syria: Arab States Broadcasting Union [English][Arabic].
The Arab Center for Radio and Television Exchange was established in 1978. It is one of the permanent agencies of the Arab States Broadcasting Union located in Damascus. The Center has two objectives: to develop the training systems of radio and television broadcasting to make compatible with the fast advances in audio-visuals at the international level. Second, it aims at building the human resources that can carry out the training of Arab broadcasting staff.
Syrian Women [Arabic].
Syrian Women Website is a free observatory concerned with societal issues in Syria. It seeks to stir national dialogue on various societal issues from a social rather than a political perspective in spite of the interactive nature of both perspectives. The observatory does not impose any restriction on opinions and views received by or published on its website.
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