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Human Rights: Tunisia (Type: All Types (Links))

Center for Research, Studies, Documentation and Information about Women [Arabic][French].
CREDIF was initiated by the government in 1990, with the aim of consolidating women's rights. The centre permanently observes and evaluates the position of women and plays an intermediary role between diverse governmental and non-governmental institutions.
Dr. Moncef Marzouki's Website [Arabic].
Dr. Moncef Marzouki is one of Tunisia's leading human rights defenders. A former president of the Tunisian League for Human Rights (LTDH), he is presently the spokesperson for the National Council on Liberties in Tunisia (CNLT).
Human Rights Information Network in Tunisia [Arabic].
The network is a central repository for human rights information and websites in Arabic throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
International Committee of Solidarity for Political Prisoners in Tunisia [English][Arabic].
Works for putting an end to the inhumane conditions of detention of political prisoners in Tunisia.
National Council for Freedoms in Tunisia [English][Arabic][French].
The National Council for Freedoms in Tunisia is an open framework for all intellectual groups. It aims at expanding dialogue over society's basic issues, and to disseminate the values of justice, equality and human dignity.
National Union of Tunisian Women [English][Arabic][French].
The UNFT Union works to improve the status of women and to ending of all forms of discrimination against women.
Nawaat [French].
A Tunisian collective blog about news, politics and human rights.
Observatory for the Freedom of Press, Publishing and Creation in Tunisia [English][Arabic][French].
The Observatory for the Freedom of Press (OLPEC) works on alerting the public about burgeoning acts of censorship that are striking the Tunisian and foreign press in Tunisia.
Tunezine [Arabic][French].
The Association monitors the violations of human rights in Tunisia and works to defend the rights of the political detainees. and publishes news regarding the violations that nationals of neighboring Arab countries face.
Tunisian Association for the Struggle against Torture .
The association monitors violations against political prisoners and prisoners of thought in Tunisia and works to defend their rights.
Tunisian League for Human Rights .
Defends human rights in Tunisia and monitors violations thereof. Supports and defends political detainees and prisoners of thought.
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