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Anti-Corruption: Tunisia (Type: All Types (Links))

Audit Court [English][Arabic].
The Audit Court was established by Law No. (8) of 1968 that was revised and complemented by Law No. (17) of 1970 and Basic Law No. (82) of 1990 and by Basic Law No. (75) of 2001 and by Basic Law No. (3) of 2008. According to these stipulations, the Audit Court performs the function of a supreme monitoring body that oversees proper handling of public funds, and ensures respect of the rules of accountability, transparency and principles of good governance. The Audit Court audits and clears all accounts submitted to its attention and exercises supervisory and evaluatory powers over the activities of all those who handle public funds, as well as of all organizations that directly or indirectly funds from the State or from local communities. The Court Audit also receives and keeps declarations by government members, and other high-level officials concerning their earnings. The Audit is headed by Mrs. Fayzah Al-Kafi.
Commission for Monitoring Public Agencies [English][Arabic].
The Commission was established by Decision No. (6) of 1982 and it reports to the Prime Minister. The Commission oversees State agencies, local communities and public firms. It also inspects all organizations that directly or indirectly receive funds from the State or from local communities. The Commission provides advice on legislative and organizational measures designed to improve the performance of public agencies and conducts needed research in its area. The Commission also executes all special tasks requested by the Prime Minister. The Commission is headed by Mr. Rida Abdel Hafeez.
Tunisian Centre for Corporate Governance .
(CTGE) is a branch of the Arab Institute of Business Managers. The IACE has launched the CTGE to promote locally and regionally corporate governance standards and to meet the needs of a new generation of investors. The Center is spurring all parties’ awareness of the importance of good corporate governance practices for sustainability and business performance.
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