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Civil Society: Tunisia (Type: All Types (Links))

AssociaNet [French].
An official Tunisian NGO network that provides address information of the various NGOs working on Environment and Sustainable Development and links to a few pilot NGO sites.
National Union of Tunisian Women [Arabic][French].
Nawaat [French].
A Tunisian collective blog about news, politics and human rights.
Observatory for the Freedom of Press, Publishing and Creation in Tunisia [English][Arabic][French].
The Observatory for the Freedom of Press (OLPEC) works on alerting the public about burgeoning acts of censorship that are striking the Tunisian and foreign press in Tunisia.
Tunisia - African Centre for Training of Journalists and Communicators [English][Arabic][French].
A public Tunisian institution administratively subjected to the supervision of the Ministry of Communications. It also reports to the parliament and to the Council of Councilors. The Center seeks to develop the national media sector and to improve its services and performance. It is also responsible for training and qualifying journalist and communicators in traditional and modern media and communications skills.
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